classroom management

Teacher has many roles in a class, but the most important role is classroom manager. Good classroom management provides the foundation needed to create a positive learning environment and learning motivation.

Teacher create positive learning atmosphere through actions and deeds. A positive environment between teacher and students will encourage students and make them interested in their school experience and learning. There are many factors which create a positive environment, such as students respect each other and the teacher, teacher creates comfortable and friendly atmosphere, students pay attention on lesson and contribute the lesson, teacher motivates students…by playing game, using songs or telling stories.

Beside teacher uses classroom rules, routines and procedures to manage classroom. In classroom rules, teacher should have minimum number of classroom rules. It is the best to allow students to take part in building classroom rules because that makes students interested and follow the rules perfectly. Surely, teacher has to follow this.

Routines are specific ways of doing things during the course of the day or the year. For example, routines generally include how to enter and leave the classroom, take attendance.

To begin setting up and managing activities effectively, teacher must getting student’s attention. It is so difficult to get attention of a large number of noisy children at the beginning of a class or when changing activities. Therefore, teacher should use short song, chant, instruction or sounds to get them pay attention.

Moreover, teacher uses a reward system to help her manage and motivate students. Giving instruction effectively is a good way to manage class. Teacher should keep it short and simple (KISS). For example: quiet, please, listen, look at the board, open/close your book, sit down, stand up, work in pairs. Teacher should use them every day to manage class.

In conclusion, classroom management is very important in teaching and learning, so teacher has to build the managing plan effectively to teach and motivate students.




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