As you know, Chalkboard is a familiar visual aid with each teacher. It has a very an important in teaching activities. However, using chalkboard in classroom have got effects or not depending on many teachers, because teachers have also an important role in teaching activities. Therefore, what are the roles of chalkboard and teacher’s roles in classroom?

Firstly, roles of the teacher:

+ As a reflective practitioner: Teacher aware of others’ points of view, as well as her own beliefs – about learners, about learning per se, and about herself.

+ As an instructor, who imparts information for student?

+ As a manager: Teacher maintains the stability and silence of students.

+ As a counselor: teacher instructs and support advices for students when they need.

+ As a real object: Teacher can use his/her body to teacher student.

+ As a singer: Teacher can teach student a lot of songs without audio.

+ As a painter: Teacher can draw a picture instead of printed pictures.

+ As an observer: they always observe the whole class’s activities in the learning process.

+ As a story-teller: Teacher can tell her student stories.

Secondly, Using chalkboards in teaching improves teaching effectiveness, classroom management and student academic success. Writing on a chalkboard makes it easier to control the pace of a lecture because it encourages writing while talking—a task that requires instruction at a moderate speed. Besides, teaching by chalkboard will help teacher regulate the pace of a lecture and control the amounts of content students receive. Teaching with chalk allows content to unfold naturally. Moreover, Chalkboard instruction assists classroom management because it requires light and teacher write information on a chalkboard helps teachers take visible cues from students.

Teacher often uses chalkboard to:

+ Write content of lesson.

+ Draw

+ Play games

+ Show posters or pictures

The teacher and blackboard are the best teaching aids that are available, convenient and popular. You are teachers in the future, so I hope that you will improve yourselves to become an effective teaching aid.


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