The classroom management

The teacher is not only practice the normal work in education, training but also must be skillful at management and administration in the class. To students in the class learn better, teacher always must be dedicated and enthusiastic, attentive management, especially a primary teacher. A lesson is effective which depend so much on teacher.  The goal of the classroom management is to overcome importunes, interrupts, and bad behaviors

Therefore, how to do to manage in classroom? Now, I want share some rules in classroom management:


–         Raise Your Hand Before Speaking Or Leaving Your Seat

–         Respect Your Classmates And Your Teacher

–         Keep Hands, Feet, And Objects To Yourself

–         Follow Directions

–         Don’t fall in sleep in class

–         Don’t eat or drink anything when you are learning.

–         Don’t chat in class

Moreover, we can create special signs to manage students as when students are very noisy, I can clap for three times to make a sign which express silence. Or to express these rules, teacher can stick poster which contain of rules in the classroom. When students go in class, they can see and remember them easily.


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