Every child is special !!!


In this writing, I will share with you something I think, I feel and what I have learned from one great and meaningful film about educational issues. Yes, the film that I’m referring to is Taare Zameen Par of India movie. First, I will briefly summarize the contents of the film for all to know. The film discovers the life and imagination of eight-year-old boy – Ishaan Awasthy. While he is clearly superior in terms of art, the academic achievement is his weakness that Ishaan’s parents sent him to boarding school. They hope that an iron fist will help him improve. However, this breaks Ishaan fully and he loses all his young budding hopes filled in those innocent eyes of his, until he meets his new Art teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh in his school. Ram correctly identities his problem of suffering from dyslexia and decides to unleash his creativity and make him an achiever. Ram encourages Ishaan to think differently and act on his true potential.

00_-_taare_zameen_par_inlay2    taare-zameen-par

What it stands for and depicts stunningly is how the cruel world outside is stealing away our children’s precious childhood. It is about how our parents are turning into monsters and imposing their own dreams and aspirations on their children which eventually destroys our children’s confidence and can only create a generation of hate. It’s about how each child needs attention and care and how we so lack those qualities in this life that bounded by time.

Taare Zameen Par is a biting criticism of the times we live in. To be honest, when watching this film, it really makes me cry. Not because of sadness, but being touched, and moved from the deepest of my heart. Anyone can relate. We all have a dream. We see the world and live our life by different ways. It truly is a movie which everyone can relate to. It is not just a movie about kids; it’s a movie about life, society and yourself as a personality. The story moves you, into nostalgic days of your childhood when you were forced and pressured by your parents or teachers. This movie is also a motivation for all kind of child and their parents. Everyone should watch this movie at least once.



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