Helpful Tools in Teaching English

In teaching and learning, there is a variety of tools to raise the effectiveness of these processes. At colleges and universities, projectors and screens are very familiar with students and teachers. However, they rarely appear at high school, secondary school, especially primary school because our country has a shortage of educational equipment to support for all of the schools. Therefore, chalk board and teacher are more available and important than other elements in teaching English at school.

Firstly, whenever we talk about school or learning at school, the first image which comes to our mind is the picture of a blackboard displaying in front of class. The image always exists from in the past to these day despite it is replaced by green board but its usage seems to be unchanged. So why always does chalkboard display in front of class through hundreds of years? Its visible reason is that it is very available and convenient teaching aid and uses no electricity. At schools in small towns or villages, students express their extremely surprise when they come to class where has no chalkboard because the board becomes the most familiar aid with them. There are a variety of chalk board usages.

  1. Use it to display what teacher taught until the end of the lesson
  2. Demonstrate what is very hard to express by verbal language by drawing chart or painting diagram of objects
  3. Help teacher see what student want to show to present their understanding toward written exercises.
  4. Glue pictures of the  stories , lessons
  5. Illustrate new words using flashcards
  6. Pretend as an actor or an actress in the teacher’s story
  7. Display a poster with many pictures and word cards or big book for student to organize.
  8. Easily design game for the whole class such as slap on board or treasure finding…
  9. Makes chances for teachers who have excellent pedagogical skill to become a good model before their students
  10. Show students how to organize the main ideas and supporting suitably

Secondly, teachers in the modern age have to face many difficulties because the need of students is more and more professional. The requirement of study is gradually increasing with the development of technology information and high standard of society. Students are expected to perform well at school. They are in training programs to orientate total development so that the work that is immediately set for teachers to reach the final goal of this procedure. Teachers become more active and flexible then those in the past. People don’t think teacher is the most important factor in learning process but students are considered to become center element in their own learning instead. As Dr. A J Hoge-the founder of Effortless English Learning System, said someday that the teacher has the work to serve student and really he always appear with his speech: “I’m here to serve you, learners!” In fact, teachers should be known as a very helpful teaching aid in active learning. The responsibility of teacher is to instruct students and keep going on right direction. In addition to the work that teachers are responsible to do is to place students in center of everything and support them necessary equipment and tools to help their learning carried out well. By using their own knowledge and experience that they have gone through at university and society, we play a role of a facilitator but more professional because teachers also become learning-oriented people. Teachers in the 21st century have the mission of placing students into the center of everything so all of the supporting things that help students learn better will be largely served. Teachers should interfere in learning procedure to orientate students if necessary. Teacher is one kind of teaching aids that is more important than others because teacher can challenge students during learning. This helps students be familiar with hard things and make them more experienced. That is not only helpful for students in learning at school but also greatly influential students’ characteristics and good tendencies


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