Nguyễn Hải Yến: something about the film ” every child is special”

To be honest, nothing can describe my feelings after watching the film “ Every child is special”. I can say that this film is really meaningful about not only a boy’s moving story but also a way to educate for children.

I know it’s not too hard to find the film about education, especially, education for children. However, “ Every child is special” is the best wonderful film which I have ever seen. Why? Because I cry so much? Or the boy, Ishaan is so poor? And my answer is no. let’s me say something about the film. The main character is a boy, Ishaan Awasthi. He is not cute, not smart. He always hate school and study. He always fail on every exam or test. His parents, especialy his father dissappoint about that. this is the reason why his parents send him to boarding school. His parents don’t know about his problem. He does not like any child. He gets trouble on reading and writing. His life becomes bad and bad when live in boarding school, until he meet Ram Nikumbh – a person who change Inu’s life. Because moving to a boarding school makes Inu shocked, he say nothing at all. It’s hard to understand and talk to him. Luckily, Inu like drawing so much, so Nikumbh starts talking to him about art. Ishaan is talented on drawing. Nikumbh helps him so much, teachs him how to read and write. Ishaan can do it. His life is changed. He can read and write. He does not feel alone.

What I have learnt from that film? How can I know the message here? Everyone was born,but  noone can choose how we will be. Our parents always hope that children will be intelligent, or healthy but noone can have all. Parents expect their children to study well every subject. They believe that this is the only way to face, live and ensure for the life today. But do they care about what their chilren really want? The film said that a child is a twinkle diamond. It’s true. When a child was born, they have their own special ability. How parents recogize that? or they just want their child to do what they expect. I don’t mean that parents orient for their child is wrong, but I think that they should listen to their child to understand what they really want. By a positive way, parents should help children develop their ability. May be our child can not be smart like other child, do not shout at their face, do not make them stress, do not hate them. Please, listen to understand, help them find the suitable way to do everything, or just a little thing. Sometimes, just careness is not enough, show your love and patience by support your child’s ambition, understand your child and let’s them develop in natuaral way

Nothing to say at this time. One thing is that this film touchs my heart. How about you?. Let’s enjoy and experience





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