Observing and understanding are two necessary qualifications with all teachers!

Everything in the world was born purposely, and human is a product born in that form. That is the reason why each individual owns at least one factor to contribute to better this world. Thus, helping each person realize his value and act useful is very important with teachers who are considered as farmers cultivate seedlings. That may be a small message I learned from the film “Taare Zameen Par” – an Indian famous film for education.

At the beginning of the film, we can easily see a sight of an Indian school with a colorful picture about students. More remarkably, a boy named Ishaan with many special point leaves for watchers a lot of impression. The boy with a bad studying result and some strange things was laughed by his classmates, but his parents have not known anything. They were really shocked  when being informed by his teacher that the boy should be moved another school for fault children. Everything seemed to be too disappointed with them, but with their effort to help their small child, some surprising things came. The boy was left to a boarding school. At there, he met his own teacher – an enthusiastic person. There were a lot of efforts she did to help Ishaan to discover himself and improve his result. At last, Ishaan got the first prize in drawing contest.

It is too difficult to realize the value by ourselves if we do not have motivation. The boy in the film is a typical example for most of students if we do not have enough understanding to realize our strength and weakness. Each student has his/ her passion or strength but it will be rubbish if he/ she does not know how to grow it. Thus, adults, especially parents and teachers, need to observe and find out the strength to help children develop it in right way. Adults with their understanding will have suitable views to intend for children what they will do better than others. Besides, we should teach children how to accept failure in life, because failure is another form of success. Children may feel disappointed and want to give up if one time they fail. We need to have plans to help them in each stage of life and please are themselves to know what they think and want. Do not make children be you or others, make them be themselves to act as they want. Teachers and parents should study how to talk with them more and encourage them to tell what they think. Please think that everything you do is for children.

There will have many things you can learn from this film, so let’s watch it again if you can to understand it and think about yourself deeply!!! Thank you so much!


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