Something about: Taare Zameen Par – Bùi Yến spa

Taare Zameen Par, which is an educational film, brings to me many experiences in life as well as teaching method. It is the first time that I am really patient to see three- hour film. This film seems to change teacher, and parents’ thought about the way to approach children. And if you are a teacher, parents, eduactional or social staff, don’t skip this film. After watching this film, I have something to share with you:
– There are many dogmatic things in this life, which is not good for people, specialy children. Every child is special. They has dream, ability, and inclination for themseves. Therefore, teacher and parents shouldn’t impose anything to them. Let children be grown up naturally.
– The child is special or particular, which is up to your view. Each child is an independent world, and they have a story for themselves. Therefore, if someone is difference from with the other, it is just that their world and stories is difference from with the other. One concerned question is that why we must make similar chidren, which is same with “ manufacturing” a series of robots. Let children express their ability.
– Giving a chance for children to do and creative with what they want, and really care.
– Teacher should be observe, discorve, understand each student. Teacher should adopt method suitablly for each age, and each student.
– Teacher should be patient, and keep calm with children. If you are angry, student will be scareful, or even not obey.
– Teacher should be enthusiasm. They must listen to what student want, and they must help students find out the dificulties and solve.
– Teacher should encourage & raise students’ dream , don’t “stamp out” them.
– Sometimes,the most suitable thing is better than the best thing. Therefore, teacher and parents should care chidren’s thought, dream, and inclination in order to find out what is suitable for children. We shold have style and strategy of teaching for each child.
– Teacher and parents should put steep on chid’s foot to understand more clearly.


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