Have you ever seen the film “Taare Zameen Par”? In this writing I will share you my experiences after watching this film.

Taare Zameen Par (Like Stars On Earth) is one of the best films from India. This film was produced by Aamir Khan in 2007. The film tells about a child. He name’s Ishaan Awasthy. He is 9 years old and is an active person. While Ishaan is very well in art, he gets “hard to read”. He makes trouble to write and read, so he always sees words dance in the book. It makes him gets the bad marks in school. His parents and teachers do not understand him. Then, they move him on a boarding school in which there are many rules and draconian punishments. Therefore, he gradually becomes an egocentric person and stops drawing- his hobby. Luckily, a teacher – Nikumbh who is funny and excited, realizes and helps Ishaan from a “mad, lazy, stupid” to an excellent child.

Although Taare Zameen Par is a wonderful film about children, all adults should watch to look back the way to educate of yourself. Through Taare Zameen Par we need to have the best way to teach for children. We have to understand them before we want to educate them. We all have a dream. We see the world and live our life by different ways. Therefore, parents and teachers should understand about the important roles of education so that we will have an exactly method in teaching for children.

In my opinion, education has an important role in developing about physical and mental of students, so we should knows how to encourage students when student feels disappointed and then gives the new method in teaching.


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