“Taare Zameen Par”- a meaning film about education

After watching the film “Taare Zameen Par”, I feel that it is really a meaningful film about education. I left me a deep impression about the way to educate children. Through this film, I was drawn some experiences in teaching children. Now, I will share about it.
To become a good teacher, I think teacher should follow some following ways:
-Teacher should create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere in classroom to help children immerse with lesson.
-Teacher should attract the attention of children by using some interesting games or songs.
-Teacher should be friendly and thoughtful. Teacher can not hit the students when they do not want to study. Moreover, teacher does not allow other students to smile another when they have a mistake.
-Want to help students progress, teacher should find really their problems to have suitable education way. For example, in this film, the teacher saw his old notebook to find his problem and the teacher found out that he had problem with reading and speaking but he has ability to draw. Therefore, teacher helps him develop his ability and he also helps him solve his problem.
-Teacher should create confidence for children to help them take part in many activities, to improve themselves.
-Every child has one or more kinds of multiple intelligences so teacher should help him develop this intelligence. Besides, teacher also should help him develop comprehensively.
Those are my ideas about some educational way for children after watching the film “Taare Zameen Par”. Thank for your reading.


One thought on ““Taare Zameen Par”- a meaning film about education

  1. dear Nga, many thanks for your sharing. I also saw this film and the same to you, I have my own feelings. to be honest, before seeing this film, I did not have good impression with the boy, he was not interested in study like the others. however, when I saw this, I changed my feeling. he had his own talent. he had the colorful paintings. although he can not learn as the others but he can express his ideas through his paintings. the important thing is that parents and teachers have to discover the special things from him and have direction to develop him. I also learn something from the enthusiastic teacher. I have the conclusion for my own that if I have enthusiasm and love children from the bottom of my heart, I can help children learn better and better. do you agree?

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