TAARE ZAMEEN PAR- an extremely meaningful film about education

Perhaps, many of you have seen the film named TAARE ZAMEEN PAR which is an indian film about education. An eight- year old boy is thought to be lazy and a troublemaker, which makes him always alone in the crowd, particularly in his class. However, everything seems unchangeable untill a new young teacher appears. With his great love and patience for students,the teacher has awaken up the boy’s interests as well as the potential capacity not only in studying but also in the real life. The teacher has left a strong impression in my mind because of his enthusiasm.

After watching this film, i realize that education is an integral part of social life. It is very necessary for teachers to recognize their students’ strength and weakness as well as their hobbies. . The student’s development depends mostly on his ability because each student has an individual intelligence. This film also makes us see how every child is special and every child is different. Therefore, the teachers should observe, discover and understand students so that we can choose suitable educating method for each child. Moreover, let’s sympathize with him, listen to his feelings and encourage him when he feels disappoited instead of discouraging him from his dream. it is really an important skill for a successful teacher. We should do anything that helps children feel excited in learning, and then they will promote their best ability in learning. The teacher in the film has  broken all the rules of ‘how things are doneby asking his students to think, dream and imagine, and all the children respond with their enthusiasm.

Let’s remember that all the kids are special and wonderful who are like stars on earth, and their parents and teachers are the truly guide on their path.

Another element influencing to young students is their family. Almost parents love and care their children. However, they often set their expectation on their children without caring their thinking, dream and need.  As a result, this makes their children always stressfull. Do not always compare your kid with the others because it will make him scared and worried. Clearly,  the close combination between the parents and the teacher is very essential in educating a child.

This film has brought to us a meaningful message-  always one to watch.

TAARE ZAMEEN PAR is a really touching film about education.  Let’s access at this website and enjoy it .


thanks for your reading.


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