“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR”- an extremely meaningful film for us – teachers in the future

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               “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” is an impressive film which i will never forget it. After seeing this film, i have just learnt many useful lesson about teaching.
This film talk mainly around a boy – 8 years old named Ishaan Awasthi. He is a special boy because he is very intelligent and he has a different way of looking the world with other children. However, Ishaan has difficult in identify words, number, size and getting knowledge. He also can not wear dress, tie the shoelaces or any things which other children can do easily. Almost teachers complains about his learning exam at school. This make his father so angry. Finaly, his father decided to take him to the boarding school and he met new art teacher named Nikumbh. He discovered the Ishaan Awasthi ’s problems and helped him to overcome his difficulty. Although “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” is an Indian film but it also includes the same feature as Vietnamese education.
Parents always put their desive to children’s shoulder. They don’t know that each child has their own ability and dream. Parents supposed that they really support and care of their children very well. However, they don’t understand their children any more. They created the distance between them and their children. They make their children lose dreams because of their carelessness, an unbalance comparison with their brother, sister. In this film, Ishaan Awasthi ‘s father always asked him to learn and do a lot of exercises in order to run a race, achieve success, become a famous person like doctor, engineer and MCA.. and earn more money in the future . He do not care about Ishaan Awasthi’s feeling

The film shows the general issue of education. Teacher make stress for students, they want their students to compete with other student. At this school, Ishaan Awasthi so stressful by with teacher’s strict, rude and violent. Anywhen student make mistakes, they also punish them. All of the teachers at his school only care about the students’ result without students’ needs. Pupils learn by heart as a machine and they don’t have oppotunity to create.

Teacher should use new methods in teaching and understanding what student realy want to need. In this film, Nikumbh bring the new wind to the student. He was very friendly, easygoing, and close with his students. He replaced the traditional teaching methods by giving pupils real examples and creating chances for students to approach everything in real life. He teach Ss by singing, dancing, permitting children to do anything they liked and all of them look so happy. He don’t ask Ss do follow the form, He ask Ss to image and do what they need, what they think . For example, other teacher asks student to look at some object form on the table to draw follow. However, he do not put anything on the table , he ask Ss get them from their mind. Other teachers think that this way is not suitable with this school. A teacher also said that “ dance and sing only used for school which has unsual student”. They also complain that his class look like “fist market “. Thing they need is discipline, order and student need to compete to success. However, he don’t follow this methods, he make his own method.

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Teacher should knows how to encourage students when student feels disappointed. In this film, I love the way Nikumbh shows the difficulties of very famous politics, inventors , artist in the world. Though this illustration, Ishaan and his friends find out that all people have weakness and they still can make success. He also knows how to encourage and light up Ishaan’s dream when all the people can’t recognize it. Let’s be a teacher who inspires children to study best.

820462_taare_zameen_par30   TAAREZAMEENPAR4P

We – teachers in the future should change our thinking about teaching. We should use new methods instead of traditional method to help student study easily and effectively.

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