Games – Hoang Thi Hau – k32


The fourth period: GAME

  1. 1.      Class description:

30   rade 3 students, 18 boys and 12 girls of Trai Cau primary school, Dong Hy District.

  1. 2.      Objective:

ü  Language: After the lesson ,students will be able to

–      Revise vocabulary about pets: cat, dog, bird, rabbit, …

–      Use structure “ How many ….have you got?” to ask others about the pets and use the number and name of pets to answer.

ü  Skills: Students will be able to:

–      Improve speaking skill.

–      Ask and answer questions frequently about pets.

3. Teaching aids:

Text book, board, chalk, picture, tape scrip

4. Procedure:


Teacher’s activities



Warm up:

–      Ask Ss give the name of animals they have known or meet.

For example: Elephant, tiger, cat, dog,…

–      Write down the names of animals on the board.

–      Round names of some pets.

ð Let’s play a game about pets.

Play game:

Guessing Game”

–      Divides the class into 2 teams.

–      Lets Ss choose their team’s name.

–      Instructs the rule of the game:

–      The members of each team play in turn to look picture of a pet.

 – Asks them to use action and sound to imitate that pet in 30 seconds (Do not use words).

– Asks other members observe and guess the name of pets.





























– Which team gives the correct answer will receipt one flag.

– When the game finish, which team has more flags will be the winner.


Elicits the structure:

Writes on the board the structure:

How many dogs have you got? -I have got one dog.

Underlines the words and phrases


Hopw many: to ask about the quantity.

To answer, we use the number.

Sticks pictures on board:

– Asks Ss look at the pictures.

– Reads and then asks Ss to repeat.

– Ask Ss to work in pairs to ask and answer about quantities of pets in these pictures.

– Calls on some pairs practice in front of the class.


*Teacher comment and review the lesson:

ü  Name of some pets.

ü  Structure: “ How many ….have you got?”




Home work:

Ask Ss to write 3 questions with structure: “ How many ….have you got?”, and then answer them.




–    Identify the animals.



–    Distinguish pets with other animals.



-Recognize the pets in the pictures.




-Encourage Ss more creative.





























–      Motivate and encourage Ss.



-Introduce the structure.





-Help Ss understand cleartly.



-Ask and answer with the structure “How many ….have you got?”following the model sentence


-Review the lesson.





Practice the structure at home.







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