Telling Story (Hoang Thi hau – k32 )

Telling Story (Hoang Thi hau)

When I was a child, I often was excited to wait for telling story lessons every week. Each time like that, I collected one more interesting story for myself. In this week lesson, Mr Huy introduced us telling story skill – one of important skill in primary teacher training course. I have learnt many useful knowledge and information from his sharing, handout, videos and my classmates’ ideas. They are valued materials which are really necessary for my training.

Being a sister of two little girls, I have ever told a lot of stories with different contents.  They are very funny and interesting. Most of them are also quite short and easy to remember. My main aim is entertainment. I often do it in the night when my younger girls cannot sleep well or when my parents go out. I see that they are attracted by my stories which sometimes are fairy tales, funny stories, folk tales, and even thrillers. They are very curios and always ask “what is it?”, “what is going happen then?” or “why does he/she do it?”. I not only tell story, but also answer their naive questions. After last lesson, I realize that I have not enough good skills to tell a story well. However, I love working and playing with children. They make me happy although I am very busy with them. Telling a story is not easy as I have known. In the videos, the teachers have many good actions. They imitated animal sounds, use gestures, body languages, eyes contact, picture, real objects. The lessons were very noisy and vivid. I wondered that could I do well if I was a primary teacher?. The children look very excited and active. They joined in the story by different actions.  We know that telling story lesson are more interesting thanks for relevant visual aids, teacher’s guidances. The content of story will be easy to understand and remember by actions and imaginations. They are really good for the development of the brain. Now, I also understand why little sisters often ask me many questions during the story. I think I should express by simple word and explain them some stranger concepts related to the story. In my opinion, telling story is entertainment, and simultaneous education. Therefore, showing the meaning or lesson after telling is very important which help children understand the purpose and follow the good.

This course gives me useful and interesting experience about telling story skill. I hope that I not only tell many stories to my sisters successfully, but also become a good teacher in the future.



One thought on “Telling Story (Hoang Thi hau – k32 )

  1. Hi Hau, I am Nhung. thanks for your sharing about you, about your real life with two younger sisters, especially about experiences of telling a story for children. before learning how to teach children through a strory, I only think that telling story just for fun or entertainment. i do not know how to give a experience, a lesson, even a grammar for children. using storytelling we can introduce a lot of vocabularies by theme, or some simple structure. furthermore, normally, the language of story for children is quite easy to understand and remember, so it can help children to learn a lot. student can improve their listening skill through hearing. You also can promote students’ imagination by asking them what happen next, or what about the result of this story, or who is the winner,…. after telling you can check understanding of your children by ask them to retell the story or say about experinces they have learned from the story. it is my opinion! thanks!

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