The Importance of Storytelling in Teaching English for Young Learners


         As you know, education has many functions in the process of being human and education for children is considered as having many differences from for adults. The fact is that being a teacher means being an instructor that helps learners study effectively. Teachers not only play a role of a teacher merely but also become a flexible figure in handle everything that is familiar with young learners to build up their imagination. This is very important characteristics of a good teacher because it helps learners easily remember the lesson. Therefore, one of the effective ways that is suggested for teacher is to use storytelling to teacher their students.

         In the past, children had many opportunities to listen to their parents and grand parents tell them stories but nowadays they have too much work to do. Therefore teachers become the most useful to do that work. Before teachers tell their students story they had better look through tips to tell story well. It should be carried out regarding a detailed procedure and the most important thing is telling story but not reading story for students.

The first step is that teachers need to prepare at home carefully before telling story for young learners. Teachers ought to read through and understand it well. Moreover, they have to design suitable activities more than those in the textbooks. The activities should have the effectiveness to attract students’ interest and excitement in their learning. For young learners, teachers have to choose some kinds of short and funny stories to stir students because they are the most distractive in learning. To make students relate more to the story teachers are going to tell, teachers should ask them some questions before starting. Therefore, children have chances to guess and brainstorm their general background information. While teacher are telling story, teachers not only tell from the beginning to the end but also pause somewhere to ask students “ what happens next?” this is a kind of using prediction technique in storytelling. Besides, they can do this work more effectively by using colorful picture flashcards to illustrate their story. In addition, there are not dispensable to contain role-play, retelling and so on. Teachers should know how to play the different roles of the characters in the story to make models before asking children to act.

        In reality, using stories to teach English for younger learners is a traditional technique that our teachers used to do when we are at primary school. It even becomes a core subjects and it is continuously used in teaching these day. It always remains the effectiveness in teaching and learning especially for kids to learn English. The application of storytelling in teaching English for younger learners should be implemented popularly and largely in the future. 


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