The roles of the teacher and the blackboard in teaching and learning languages ( Hoang Thi Hau – k32)

The roles of the teacher and the blackboard in teaching and learning languages


Behind the success of each lesson are the attempt of the teacher and the assistance of visual aids. In my training process, I have made acquaintance with many different visual aids. However, I always confident in two familiar teaching aids: the teacher and the blackboard. They bring me a lot of wonderful surprises.

One of my available visuals is the teacher.  The teachers are very active and creative and enthusiastic persons. They make the dramas livelier by acting as different characters such as princes, king, old man, tree, a rabbit,.. To make the lesson more interesting, they have to make many different handmade visuals such as realia, picture, star, flower, clip,..  Those things have much attractive because they look very funny and colorful. They are very close to the children. In the vocabulary lesson, some actions of teacher help children understand and remember new words more easily. For example, I show a word “cat”, then I make the sound “meo meo”. The class will reply in chorus that “con meo”. I tell him about a drunken man. I explain that “drunken is a status when you drink a lot of wine”, then I reel as a drunk person. Whole class will be very excited. Being the teacher, we can teach the children make some simple things by using clay, colored paper, colored pencils, pair of scissors, glue,… They will join in very positively.

We have known some popular visual aids such as poster, video, realia, toy.. so on. However, using them effectively is not easily. Each lesson should use visual aids suitably and creatively. For example, in telling lesson, we can use picture, video, toy, realia, costumes, chalk, board, drama, poster, book…In these visuals, board is my closest friend. In teaching and learning languages process, I often use it to write vocabulary, provide lesson outline. A pronunciation box at the top of the board will help children do speaking exercises more easily. I see that children are very interested in watching their paintings which are hung on the board. Look their excited face, I am very happy. I like using colorful visuals and some things which make funny sounds such as toys, video, recorder. They make my lesson more interesting and attractive.

I observe that children senses are very sensitive. Therefore, the visual aids will be good mean to help them to develop and perfect them. Some material like letter, sound, and image… should be big, funny and colorful. The children will feel comfortable and closer with us if we give them love and friendly through gestures and eyes contact.

To sum up, both parent and teacher may give the children a good environment to learn and develop by giving them our love. I change my love to the good lessons and nice attitudes. I can do everything well without love and the assistance of knowledge and visual aids.





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