Using chalkboard and teacher as teaching aids – nguyen mai xuyen

Using chalkboard and teacher as teaching aids 

      Students can become bored sitting in a classroom for hours. Educators can use many teaching aids to make students interested in the lesson, such as chalkboards, charts, maps, flash cards, and calendars . Especially, using chalkboards and teacher as teaching aid in teaching language improves teaching effectiveness, classroom management and student academic success.


The blackboard is probably the most popular and widely used visual aid. Something written on the board is easy to list, reorganize, delete, add and rewrite.


Firstly, we can use the chalkboard to teach Warm up activities and brainstorming. Moreover, it’s also a useful tool to organize games for students.

Secondly, the chalkboard can be used to present more formally prepared lessons, or for informal, spontaneous sessions.

Thirdly, The teacher can illustrate/ draw figures and highlight these drawings by using colored chalks.


Fourthly, the teacher can use the blackboard to draw the objects or others to teach vocabulary for students by using color chalk. For example:


Fifthly, chalkboard sometime can be used to write the rules and policies


Sixthly, we can use the chalkboard to illustrate procedures or the main topic of the lesson. Moreover, chalk board also can present the key words and new words.

Seventhly, questions and problems can be listed on the blackboard.

Eighthly, a teacher can use the blackboard for graphs, graphics, sketches, maps and statistics, etc.

Ninthly, the chalkboard is a wall where teachers and students can hang poster, pictures, draw diagram, map on to exhibit or show to other students. Sometimes, the teacher can stick flashcard, objects, pictures and hand- made products.

Tenthly, the teacher can use various color chalk or pen to draw on the chalkboard to develop the topic, show part or build the association

And lastly, The students can use mini-chalkboard combines with looking at the teacher and give their own answers. Moreover, they can do practice or write the answer on the board, allowing the teacher to give feedback immediately.


Using teacher as teaching aids when teaching language is a great way because it’s very convenient, portable and available all the time.


Firstly, a teacher can be a model or example for children in the classroom. The teacher can use her body to make a model and Students will imitate. Moreover, she/he can read the new words and ask Students to read follow her.

Secondly, teacher as a singer. A teacher can sing many songs when she/he wants to create eventful atmosphere. Furthermore, she can teach Students sing the songs related to the lesson ( especially in teaching vocabulary).

Thirdly, teacher as a presenter. She/he introduces the lesson and lead the Students to do exercise and play games, etc.…

Fourthly, teacher as a friend of children. Children can share their feelings with a teacher, confide in a teacher and ask teacher everything which they don’t know. As a friend, a teacher can recognize the weaknesses and strengths of students easily.

Fifthly, teacher as a dancer. Dancing is not easy. However, a good teacher should know some dance to rouse the class. It can helps Students relax after a long time studying.

Sixthly, teacher as a narrator. As you know, telling stories is one of the best ways to teach English for children. The teacher can tell some stories to teach English for students, for example : Rabbit and turtle. Thanks to this story, Students may know some new words related to animals.

Seventhly, teacher as a painter. The teacher can teach students vocabulary by drawing the objects. For example : She can draw this picture to teach some activities in free time for students


Eighthly, teacher as a manager. He/she will manage and embrace all the activities of students in the classroom.

Ninthly, teacher as an actor. To help students image characters, understand the content of the story and create the interesting feeling, a teacher can act as the characters.


Tenthly, the teacher as a commentator and guide who will give instruction for the activities and then give feedbacks and comments.

Eleventh, the teacher as a player: teacher can participate in some activities with learners in the classroom.

Twelfth, teacher as a real object. When teaching vocabulary, the teacher can use her/his body , eye contact, etc.… to illustrate for students


Thirteenth, the teacher as a dictionary. She/he always ready to answer or explain new words for students.

And lastly, teacher also is a MC. She/he presents very well , and control the game show in a natural way from beginning to he end. He/she has a good voice to attract students.

To sum up, Using chalkboard and teacher as Teaching aids are important in how well a student can learn. It can assist students to learn and understand material faster and better. However, The teacher should use these teaching aids to teach English for students in suitable cases.


2 thoughts on “Using chalkboard and teacher as teaching aids – nguyen mai xuyen

  1. Hi Xuyen. I’m Van Anh
    Thanks for your sharing. With me, your writing is very interesting and useful because it is clear and easy to understand. As you mentioned, teacher and chalkboard as teaching aids is the good way for students to pay attention in the lesson. Teacher has many roles such as a MC, a instructor, a dacer, a painter, a manager, etc that often guide and encourage student participate in the activities.
    Like teacher, chalkboard is a tool for teacher and student to explain words and thinking; write and draw ideas and imagines; etc. Therefore, in lesson, we should use this teaching aids to teaching English effectively.
    Once a gain, thank you so much! I hope that you and me will become a good teacher in the future.

  2. Hi, My name’s Thieu. thanks for your interesting post. I think that your writing is very informative and useful. in your post I can see that you use many pictures and photos to illustrate your writing ,that is a good method to transfer your ideas.
    Moreover , your post is very clear as I can easily understand the main points in it . the most important thing is that you’ve show us the importance of both teacher and chalkboard in teaching . you’ve shown us the certain role of them.
    through your post we realize that teacher and chalk boards are very important factors that serve as teaching aids.
    I hope that you will be a good teacher in the near future.

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