classroom management (Nguyễn Thị Hương-k33)

In the classroom, we need to have rules. Its aim is to control the students’ actions and behavior. Classroom rules need to be simple and easy to follow .There are many rules, for example:

  1. Follow directions of all your teachers
  2. Come to class on time
  3. Remember to bring books
  4. Share yours things
  5. Raise your hand before you speak during a classroom lesson
  6. Listen quietly while others are speaking
  7. Be polite, courteous, and respectful at all times
  8. Keep the classroom tidy up at the end of class

Secondly, the way how to organize pairs and groups effectively is a considerable problem and we should change the way to avoid the boredom of students. Following are some ways to organize pairs and groups:

  1. Pairs and groups of close friends

This is the most basic form to create a comfortable atmosphere while working in pairs and groups. Students may be self- selected students for their group.

2.   According to the student’s ability

There are two ways of pairs and groups organization. Firstly, the organization mixes between good and excellent students to average and weak students. This method facilitates the students to help each other in learning. The second way is to organize pairs, groups with the same proficiency. This method has the advantage that teachers can assign the types of exercises appropriately to the level of each student. On the other hand, teacher can also help weak students.

3.   Organizing randomly

Teacher can organize pairs, groups randomly , not follow any specific regulation . For example, the organization follows the seats such as students sit closely together, according to one desk or two desks; pairs and groups sit far from each other as the color of the clothes they are wearing, counting the numbers, etc …


Lastly, when teachers want students to focus on the lesson, we need to get the attention of students. There are many effective and interesting ways to  get students’ attention. It includes both sound and movement.

Teacher can start with singing a song which the whole class knows. It not only gets attetion, but also reduces students’ tiredness. Teacher can also use a few physical commands such as clap, stomp, etc. Teacher and whole class will put both hands on the heads, and then raise both hands in the air ready to clap  together 3 times. Another way is to put my finger on my mouth to give the signal that whole class should be silent.

One thing that I like to do is to clap a rhyme, it catches the students attention. Teacher starts to clap the rhyme, others quickly follow reapeat the rhyme. I also like the whispering technique. Students will silent to try to hear teacher’s voice. We can also use some noise manners such as chime, bell, whistle, …


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