Learning English through song _ Fun and Effective

As we know, teaching English to young learners is big challenge for many teachers. Teachers not only teach English for students but also motivate student’s enthusiasm. Because children have lower levels of awareness about themselves as well as about the process of learning. They have limited reading and writing skill, even in their first language. The teacher understand clearly that young learners enjoy fantasy imagination and movement. It is main reasons for choosing different teaching method of teacher in the class. Songs are absolutely ideal for learning English in primary schools. This way can enrich the vocabulary and develop student’s listening and speaking skills. Especially, songs creat fun atmostphere to encourage childrens speak and sing more and more. This helps them improve children’s pronunciation naturally. It is important that teacher can stimulate children’s interest in the lesson. Teaching English through songs may maintain children’s excitement during in the lesson, so the learners really  want to learn naturally. Singing a English song is actually stiring activities to motivate learners. However, many teachers worry about the level of excitement and noise. Therefore, teacher should teach short easy English songs at the beginning of the lesson, at the end of the class,  or when energy level can drop and children can lose their focus. To better, teacher should choose songs which consists of vocabulary or grammar relating to the lesson. English songs should be limited difficult vocabulary and musical challenge.

” Less is more” . Teacher should not introduce and teach too much English songs or many things in one songs. Teacher can choose the most  suitable songs to the age and level of students with many various ways, then review it in different way with different teaching purpose. In each song, teachers exploit each factor in each lesson to teach children, such as: vocabulary, grammar, intonation,….

If during the class, students don’t concentrate on the lesson, the teacher can use short songs to calm children down and change the other activities. In adition, English songs should be accompained by actions, so children become more active in the crowd. Moreover, it is easier for them to learn thet song and remember longer. I hope that teachers and parents pay attention more to teaching and learning English through songs to develop children the most way. Thanks for reading.


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