” Taare Zameen Par Blu-Ray” – The great film of education- Ha Thi Huong

Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone! Today is Saturday bringing me a special feeling. You know I spent all my morning to see a wonderful Indian film. Actually, no word can describe all feeling now. It can be said that ” Taare Zameen Par Blu-Ray” is the best film that I have seen. This film is very meaningful about both content and message taking to audiences, especially with all educators, teachers and who will become the teacher in the future.
Nandkishore Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary) is an eight-year-old boy. He doesn’t like school and all tests or examinations. He found that the lessons, and the words are very difficult problem, and he was generally regarded by the teachers and their classmates. However, inside he is a magical world and full of color that he could not share with anyone. He is really a talented artist not recognized. I don’t want to retell this film. Now, I would like to share you my experiences and my feelings after I saw this film.
Thank for this film I have a widen view about education, teaching and learning, especially with young children. Through this film, I know that education is the interaction between family and school, between family and children, between school and pupil and among pupil. Besides, family, school and friends are the important influences to the development of a child. I am going to be a teacher in the future, so at first I want to focus on the influence of the teacher to pupil as this film introduced.
As we know, anyone also has own intelligence. However, to express our intelligence we are affect on many elements such as learning environment. Therefore, the teacher need to know how to create an effective and interesting learning environment for the students. New art teacher of Ishaan named Nikumbh is a typical example for us to study.
– He used many new methods such as teaching by music, pictures, real objects…to teach his pupil, especially Ishaan- an isolated pupil. However, he didn’t use this way again monotonous and boring.
– Moreover, he not only care pupil’s result but also he understand his student’s need.
– He didn’t make his students be stressful by with rules, strict, rude and violent as other teachers in Ishaan’s school.
– He teaches his pupil by his deep caring and sincerity not opportunity or money.
Another element influences to puplil is their family, their parents. Almost parents also love and care their children. However, they often set their expectation on their children not caring their child’s thinking, dream and need. In a result, it makes heavy pressure with their child. Instead of punishment, scolding the parents should have deep caring with their children’s soul world. Moreover , the parents should be stable foundation about spirit for their child.
Finally, to educate pupil effectively the close combination between the parents and the teacher is very essential.
In sum up, This film makes me think deeper about the way to teach young students. We are teacher in the future, so we need to think how to create an effective and interesting learning environment for our student.

Thank for your reading!


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