Story telling should be appear in the English class of children

As you know, teaching English for children have many ways such as using game, using song or chant, using action, and silence time is really useful. So, to be a success teacher you don’t need to act as a director, musician, actor, singer, master, and controller. However, in my experience, telling story is a good way to motivate and teach language for children. You should practice for variants of storytelling voice, and you must be a storyteller. I sure that in the childhood of each one, you are eager to wait for the mid night to listen a story form parents, grandparents, brother or sister before fall into sleep. I heard many story but I have deep feeling with a story in English of my teacher, in which I saw myself and I acted as the main character. I remember that when I am 8 years old, my English teacher telling the story name “A little red hood”. It is a story I like best and I have many experiences in that. Firstly, I think that the little girl like me. Then, I see that must be careful with stranger person, reach one’s destination as one like, should be concentrate on own purpose and try to complete it before think about others…so on. Next specially, there are many word I cannot forget wolf, red, flower, grandmother, hunter and street. Because of my interest story and play focus on this story, I can remember forever what I learn in its. Therefore, storytelling must be apply and put into practice or play in English class of children. A story, students can easier to remember new words and awareness lessons for a long time. On the other hand, using story is a good way to help teacher control the student and a play of story is a way to enhance student. In which, we can introduce new words, structures, grammars and practice them by the most natural ways. I believe that memorizing knowledge will become easier if we put it into memory. In sum, storytelling is a way to teaching English for children. It should be know the roles of it to use it by the useful way to give both lesson and memory for student. A success teacher is person who knows clearly that storytelling should be present in English class of children.


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3 thoughts on “Story telling should be appear in the English class of children

  1. Hi Ty!
    I have read your opinion about telling story in teaching English for children. Thank you for your sharing. I have some comments about your post. First, about the content I also agree with you that telling story is a good way to motivate and teach language for children. To involve students in the lesson, we have many different ways to teach languages to children and we should not ignore storytelling. Actually, children love to hear stories, so the storytelling will help our lectures more effectively. However, you have some mistake about grammar and the way using the word and combine the more appropriate way when writing.
    That is some my ideas about your writing. Thank you so much!

  2. hello Ty! I am Ngan. i have read your share about “Story telling should be appear in the English class of children”. after reading it, i find that story telling is one of the best way to teach English for children. besides, i also reliaze that you have a lot of experiences about this. but i wonder how that what should teacher do when telling a story for the young learners? in your writing, you don’t mention about this. in my opinion, you should implement the way to teach English through telling a story for the young learners. although, your share has some mistake of grammar, it is sincere from your experiences when you were a child. therefore, i love it. i have given some comment about your writing. thanks for your reading!

  3. Hi Ty, my name is My
    About your post, I have some comments
    First of all, I’m feel very interested in your memory about a story when you was 8. This story has been really exciting until now.
    However, in your writing, I feel it only a narrative essay because you just only tell about your memory. I think you should talk more about advantages of storytelling in class, give specific example about skill or knowledge student will receive when teacher uses storytelling. For example, student will know some new words, phrases or structure in a story, they are able to summary story and even retell it by their own ways.
    Moreover, you do not mention what teacher should do when telling a story. I think teacher should create related activities such as arranging the order of story, asking students to role play,…. They are useful activities.
    Finally, you should correct some mistakes in your post.
    I hope my comments be helpful for you. Thanks a lots!

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