Taare Zameen Par

Many thanks to my dear teacher to share with us a great film about children education – Taare Zameen Par. This is a meaningful film with a message for both parents and teachers in educating children. Nothing can describe my feeling after watching this film. It gave me a very strong impression. It helps me, a student teacher, gain more knowledge about different ways to educate children.

Every child has his/ her own intelligence.  Ishaan , the main character in Taare Zameen Par, is a typical example. He is not interested in things like homework, tests, marks and neatness. He seems to get nothing right in class. However, he has intelligence of drawing which is discovered by his teacher, Nikumbh. It is just an example. I do not want to retell the film. I would like to share with you something that I can learn though this film. As we know, parents always want their children to get success in learning. They try to do anything to help their children study well at school without knowing their children‘s interest, even against their children’s wishes.

School learning is very important. But how can we do to help children learn well in class? Do we need to provide them good equipment? Do we need to make rules to force them study at least 3 hours per day? Do we need to punish if they forget to do homework? … The answer is NO. We should not do like that. We should never impose them in a certain framework, especially in the study. Before making something to children we have to find the answers for these questions: what do they need now? What are their wishes? Do they want to follow our rules? …

In educating children, parents should pay more attention to their children’s wishes, try to find out their interests, spend more time to share everything in life with them, let them know that we are here, close to them, ready to help them anytime, anywhere. For teachers, teachers should pay more attention to their students to understand them better, find our what they need, think and want to do, to get. Moreover, teachers have to create atmosphere in the class with happy, funny, and meaningful activities to make them feel comfortable. It is very boring if the teachers always punish students with different rules, force them do any requirement without concerning about student’s feelings.

It is the same in teaching language. In teaching language to children, parents and teachers have to have a general look on what children need and what they want to do. From that, parents and teachers should create a comfortable learning environment with different activities for children to help them show their abilities, their intelligence.

In conclusion, every child is special. Children have their own wishes. Parents and teachers should discover children’s interests, find out their needs to set up different methods to educate them. Parents and teachers should never enforce them in any certain form.


One thought on “Taare Zameen Par

  1. Hi, Dieu. I’m Lien. Thank you for your sharing with us about the film ” Like Stars on Earth”.
    Actually, the little boy, Ishaan, have made a strong impression on me. At first, it comes to my mind the images of the little boys living in the rural areas where many children also have difficulty in studying like Ishaan.
    I completely agree with you that ” Every child has his/ her own intelligence”. Therefore, it’s our duty, the teachers in common, to find out their own intelligence. Besides, it’s also the role of parents, relatives,… the persons around the children to help them be sociable with the others. This is one of the most important factors that help children avoid being afraid when going to school.
    Besides, T think that this story of Ishaan is also a warning for all of us to think about what we are doing to serve for the better education in our country. The education needs the teachers like Mr.Nikumbh to ba able to develop the children’s intelligence so that they can become the strong workforce for our country in the future.
    Anyway, this is really a meaningful film for us to watch, and to change our minds so as to help the education of our country develop better and better.
    Once again, thank you so much for your useful writing !

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