after watching film “taare zameen par”

This film has value of deep human culture because it makes people think a lot of about the relationship between people in society with full of complicating and evolving. It brings me a strong feeling about life and believes in myself throughout Ishaan- main character in this film. I had got a lot of experiences from this film in teaching activities in the future. In fact that, parents and teachers have an important role in development of children. Children in any centuries or any countries in the world have same features as like to learn and discover something in comfortable and free environment, interest in new something; don’t like to do in obligation of others by rules or punishments. Absolutely, I have cried a lot when watching this film, I feel Ishaan very poor and lonely. Educational method of parents incorrectly is the main reason making him falling in stressful and hopeless situation. He is a person who has a talent of draw, but he gets some problems in reading and spelling the alphabet unlike to others. It makes him get troubles in his life. His family and friends consider him as an idiot; they force him to do following their requirements as a robot. Therefore he lived as a robot without dream and passion in his life; he doesn’t care about tests, marks, or progress of himself. He lived in contempt of other until he met Nikumbh, a wonderful teacher made me think a lot about how to teach students well like him. Teacher in a class is not only present or show something for children but also teach them how to perform the ability of yourselves, how to present your passion or dream in your life. I mean that teacher needs to direct and help them to get progress and children can understand school is a heaven not the hell. Let’s teach them in friendly and comfortable environment. Parents and teachers need to share and care their children’s emotion; they need to understand what their children need or what is your dream? Don’t make children foolish or silly because they are talents who have own dreams and abilities. Children’s talent only develop in active social environment and cozy family, therefore each people should put yourselves in students ‘case and thinking.


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