Group and pair work.


Setting group or pair work:

+ By allowing students to choose their friend in pairs or groups.

This is a way to give the comfortable feeling for the students when working with pair or group. With this way, student can be free to make group.

+ Based on the level of students.

– Teacher makes groups/ pairs of students that have different levels. This way will give the condition for students to help each other.

– Teacher makes groups/ pairs of students that have same levels. Teacher can give exercises that suitable with each level of students.

+ Setting groups/ pairs randomly.

The teacher can make groups/ pairs freely. For example, making groups/ pairs based on the sitting position of the students, date of birth, list, color of clothes, etc.

Setting group or pair work should be variety. Not all periods in a class is used only 1 or 2 way to set up. It will make students bored and the students may predict who will be the members in their group or pair work.  Therefore, teacher should change activities that used to set up group or pair work. It will give student the opportunity to share and exchange idea, support the exercise as well as to encourage student to work with new friends or groups.

However, the problem in group or pair work is how to set up the balance between students. I know that in some case, not all member in-group support in the work group. The good students often do everything and the bad one do nothing, for example. I only have some solutions for the problem. When setting up a group, the teacher should indicate or choose randomly a person in group to be the leader or allow students freely to choose their leader. The leader will have responsibility to remind members and manage activities in group, even the leader will be the referee in the group. For example, in speaking activity, the leader will tick “V” or “X” for the members who speak or speak nothing. The teacher can ask student to stand up and the leader will allow members to sit down if they have the answer or the idea for their exercise. Another solution is that making the management between groups. Two group manage each other is a good way to control activity in class.

Let’s share with me if you have any solutions.




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