Teacher and Chalkboard as the teaching aids

Hello everyone!

1. In the classroom, using teaching aids is a good way to buid effective lessons. Some teaching aids is often used by teacher such as toys, masks, posters, pictures, etc. In addition, there is one aid that is convenient, portable, uses no electricity, can be used effectively in light or dark and is available all the time. That is teacher who is known as:

+  a singer: Teacher often use songs to teach English for children. It’s a good way to remember vocabulary through melody. Most of songs have simple words and phrases so students can learn quickly.

+ an instructor: The instructor is people who give the instruction. Teacher not only gives the explanation to their students, but also make some activities that can construct his/her mind about the instruction of material. Besides, teacher also gives an understanding to their students and gives the chance to their students to be more active and give the opinion in front the class.

+ a model: Teacher want to explain action for children, T often perform or act them in order to encourage students and instruct the activities easily.

+ a player: T can take part in some activities with children in classroom. It helps children to have motivation to play or perform action. Besides, it is easy for children to understand the teacher’s instruction.

+ a manager: To have a lesson successfully, Teacher have to manage their classroom well. In addition, if teacher manage classroom well, it can create a possitive learning environment for their students.

+ a real object: Teacher can use their body such as mouth, eyes, etc to illustrate for children when teaching vocabulary

+ a artist: Teacher draw some objects to teach vocabulary for students or explain action, situation and so on

+ a MC: Teacher have to build game show, live show or talk show and control them

+ a dancer: To teaching vocabulary, teacher can become a dancer. In addition, they make activity releated to dance

2. Chalkboard as a teaching aids

Chalkboard is an available instructional material which can be used in presenting the lesson.

Teaching use it to lead to new lesson, teach warm-up and instruct playing games.

In addition, you can easily add or earase if you commited error or you forgot to write about the topic.

Using chalkboard, teacher can show pictures and paper

It can be use to teach vocabulary and draw activities, objects related to the lesson.

Teacher use it to list questions and answers, write rules and requirement.

It is the place for children to express imagination, thinking and creation, and so on.

In short, both teacher and chalkboard are useful teaching aids. They help the children’s studying to become better.





One thought on “Teacher and Chalkboard as the teaching aids

  1. Hi, anhvanknn!
    I like your writing. You help me know more about roles of teacher in classroom and you also write quite clearly about every role of teacher. In your writing, you also give some benefits of a blacboard but I think you should add some information about the way of using a blackboard effectively.
    Thanks for your sharing.

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