The classroom management

“Classroom management” – Is it important problem in learning process? After learning the chapter classroom management I realize it is really necessary to know how to manage the good class with many students. As you know classroom management is one of the most difficult skills in each teacher who can do well in class. The atmosphere in class is good or not and effective or not, so the role of teacher is very important in the classroom. Therefore, we need to combine the teacher’s role and students’s factor.
There are many different classroom management to do in classroom management such as classroom management lessons, classroom management discussion groups, classroom management printouts, classroom management books, classroom management intructional videos.

Each teacher has to find what do best fo them, and then I will give five best practices for effective classroom management.
1 Use a normal, natural voice
The teacher can use and remember a normal or natural voice tin the first year in the classroom, they are used a fluently way. Moreover, teacher also raise their voice to get student’s attention is the best approach and tress will reduce immediately. Thus, the students will mirror your voice level. If you want students to talk at a normal, we have to do the same.
2 Speak only when students are quiet and ready
Teacher only speak when students are queit and ready. It will help students become more active and enthusiastic in learning process. Because teacher require students have to speak and practise more in classroom to have the sense of initiative.
3 Use hand signals and other non-verbal communication.
The great way to quiet the class and get their attention are to hold one hand in the air and make eye contact to students; and then students can raise their hand along with you all are up. To more active in learning, teacher try clapping your hand three times and to the children to quickly clap back twice. It is a fun and active way to get their attention better.
4 Address behavior issues quikly and wisely
Act if you do care and have the opposite feeling at the moment, so the students will usually become disarmed because the teacher might be expecting students to e angry. If students get any conficts with each other, teacher must arrange again for them exactly.
5 Always have a well-desiged, engaging lesson
I think that this tip is the most important of all. You can heard saying; if you donot prepare a plan for them or they have one. It is better to run out of time than for any lesson. Teacher have an active person, so it’s attractive to students to take part in their lesson and the teacher know engaging lessons take both serious their mind and decide time a plan.
In conclusion, I think that classroom management is an ensential part that each teacher have to know to the good and effetive lesson. We also need to combine singing song, using music, playing game, playing pupils,….. It is really important to do in classroom.


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