The roles of the teacher and the blackboard in teaching and learning language

The roles of the teacher and the blackboard in teaching and learning language

Each teacher always try to choose the good teaching and a suitable teaching style, so the fact that there are many types of teaching aids as visual(poster, picture,video, laptop….). Therefore, all of them are very useful for teaching English and chalkboard isnot only one of the most important aids of teacher but also the most popular used as visual aid.
Using chalkboard helps students develop comprehensively in many fields and some skills; especialy, students will concentrate on their learning better. Teacher often try to use the chalkboard effectively as the meaningfull teaching aid and require students depend on this chalkboard that increases attention of students when learning. In the classroom, teacher’s role is a diverse profession. If all eyes are focused on the blackboard and the class is united, teacher will become the instruments or tools because students are centre. Therefore everything only help students in learning process.
I can give some the main funtions of chalkboard:
– To summarize and remind
– To instruct by visual means
– To stimulate
– To read any word…
As you know that the visual communication of the chalkboard pays attention to students to purpose of the lesson or discussion. Depending on chalkboard teacher can illustrate the main points in the lesson and give some questions on the board. It helps students remember longer and deeper, even though they can takenote and find out the key words quickly. And then, students can practise immediately and teacher give feedback. It is really useful for teacher so let’s use chalkboard to be effective for English teaching. Thus, teacher need to arrange and change their roles in the classroom to have the best effective teaching ang learning in each lesson.
I hope that teacher will use chalkboard as the best teaching aids to help students learning English better in the future.


One thought on “The roles of the teacher and the blackboard in teaching and learning language

  1. Hi Linh, My name is thuong, I have read your interesting writing and now i would like to give you my personal comment
    first of all i think that you provided some useful information that help the reader can realize the important role of teacher and chaclkboard in teaching and learning english.
    secondly, the topic of your writing is about the roleS of teacher and teacher and the blackboard in teaching and learning language, however beside the main role of teacher which is instructor i can’t find other the roles. i thinks teacher have many other role such as manager, objects, singer, painter, composer
    thirdly, i agree with you that the function of chackboard is to to summarize and remind, to instruct by visual means, to stimulate, to read any word, however can you give me other special functions of chaclkboard?
    that is all of my comment. i hope that i will receive your answer soon!

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