Classroom management

Hello everyone, my name is Quy. To day, I want to share you some opinions about classroom management.

Imaging that you are a new teacher and you have to teach students who are mischievous, so what ways to manage them. In my opinion, giving rules is the most effective way to help teacher can manage the class. What are these rules?

One of the most important rules to manage the class is students have to pay attention to teacher’s lecture because it helps student understand easily and receptive better. As you have known, the students are often distracted by many things outside such as sounds, birds, and activities, so on. That makes students not concentrating on the lesson, so they won’t understand what teacher talk and they fell bored studying. However, when students pay attention to listen lecture, they will understand knowledge, so they fell more interested in studying.

Secondly, they are not chatted or worked own in the class. Chatting or work own in the class not only affect to own talker but also make noise students around classroom.    

Thirdly, an important rule is that teacher requires students must do full their homework and read new knowledge before going to school. It is very important rule because if the students don’t do homework, they can’t learn new knowledge that teacher will teach. When they are not learnt everything, they will fell that studying is very boring and pressure.

Besides, to lesson become more excited, students have to energetically to express their opinions. It is very necessary to teacher can know understanding level of students to have suitable strategies in teaching. Furthermore, standing to express opinions can prevent sleepy students and attract student in lesson.      

Students work in pair or work in group is also a method to stimulate student more excited in the lesson. Working in group create condition to student exchange opinions with each other, they can check mistakes for each other; especially; the student can learn from their own friends. Furthermore, working in group help students be more close knit and do more effective, the students learn better can explain everything that their friend don’t understand.

In short, to become a good teacher in the future, I think that we must have ways to manage in the classroom. If we don’t have suitable ways, we can’t manage students who are very mischievous in the class.   



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