classroom management

Teacher is not only a monitor, but also a manager in the classroom. To make a lesson effective, it requires teacher to manage students, so that teacher has some rules to control  students’ behavior. There are some rules below:

–         Don’t make sound or talk when teacher is teaching

–         Do all their homework before going to class.

–         Read new lesson.

–         Don’t chat in class

–         Don’t sleep during the lesson.

Besides, the way how to organize working in pairs in the class which is the important things to teach effectively. Based on the students’ capability to make a group (one good student with one bad student, the former can encourage and help the latter to be more better). Or students can choose their partners make them feel comfortable, so that they work together effetively.

The way to pay attention of students is also factors to teach effectively. Teachers can use voice up and down, body language or give feedback. In addition, they can use few physical materials for example clap, stump. Visual aids can help teacher get attention of sttudents.

We will be teacher in the future, so we should know about all of those, it can help us to be good teacher and teach effectively.


One thought on “classroom management

  1. Hi, thuydungnb.
    Thanks for your ideas. First, i see that you also give some rule to control students’ behaviors. However I think you should add more details into them. For example, When you ask your students to “Do all their homework before going to class”, how you will check and the way of punishment if they don’t do homework. I think if you do it, your writing will be better.
    It’s my ideas about your sharing.

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