How to use song when teaching children learn English

Sometime, song is used to attract student to the lesson. However, it isn’t quite true when all songs completely suit to use for all lessons. Teacher needs to decide which song suit to the lesson. This is reason for why teacher need to pay attention to the content of song and its effect in the language classroom.
The content of song
Generally, the content of song must orient student to the main topic of the lesson. Song is used for the different aims such as warm up or improving English skills. However, it is important to decide “which song is better? ‘’.Obviously, song provides children with easy opportunities to learn language. Children can combine between practicing language through song and using it for the purpose of entertainment. Therefore, choosing the song closely relates to the topic of lesson and what children can get after finishing the lesson. For example, if the lesson focuses on the topic which is my school, it will be better for teacher to choose the songs relating the school like “school song”. By this way, children can learn some vocabularies such as pen, pencil, door, ceiling, floor, school bag, and so on through the song.
On the other hand, rhymes play an important role in approaching the language of kids. Song with the same rhyme can help young leaner remember vocabulary better as well as learn it easier. The receptive of rhymes and structure in the song allow student to understand the meaning of the song. Therefore, Teacher need to find it important to consider the meaning of song before utilizing it for their lesson.
The effect of song
How makes song effective? An effective song means that it can bring a lot of benefits for children. They not only sing the song but also have a chance to practice language through the song. Simply, listening the song frequently and the lyric of the song permits kids to improve their listening and speaking skills. To help student gain knowledge easily, teacher should create various activities to stimulate student to sing. For instance, Teacher can provide student with exercises such as filling the missing word into the blank before listening the song or asking them to guess which words appear in the tape. In short, whether song is effective or not depends on what student use and miss it.
To sum up, learning language through song is capable of motivating student to be more active in variety of activities. Kids can study language well when they repeat and practice the song as much as possible. Obviously, a good and meaning song is about to appear in children’s mind anywhere and any when, so it helps kids to form a good habit to learn language .Thus, making a decision which song will be better is necessary in classroom language.


One thought on “How to use song when teaching children learn English

  1. Hi! My name is Xuan. Thank you for sharing!
    It is interesting and meaning writing . I have the same idea with you about using song when teaching English. You give some advantage of using song . yes, i agree with you. Beside , when using song , I think you can give more critical for choosing song such as level of student , song relate the topic, song is too long, too many word. When teaching lesson through song , you can add more actiion such as dance, body langue to lesson more lively. Although , it maybe is difficul to do but i think with enthusium , you can do it. Addition more, i think song is effect tool to student remember lesson and intiniate .
    That is my comment. Once more. Thank you for sharing

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