Nobody is similar ???

Nowdays, many teenages love the Korean movie with famous star. If they are interviewed about the reason, they would reply frankly that because Korean star is very beautiful, lovely, cute, sexy or handsome… Teenages admire them actually, and they ignore about the educational of the films. In this writting, I watn to share Indian film that I have seen it many times. To me, it is really interesting and meaningful. The main character of ” Taare zamven par” ( special boy) is a 9 years old boy _ Ishaan NandKishore Awasthi who is very mischievous. Almost people also criticize him because they think that he don not like to study any subjects: literature, match, english. As the result, his test is the lowest in the class and he will be in grade 3 again, Therefore he always find the way to avoid studying in school. This thing make his parents angry and worry about him. All people, even his parents sure that he is a lazy boy and don’t  want to go to school. Until he must go to the boarding school, a teacher – Nikumbh uderstand his problem and help him improve the reading and writting skill. Ishaan care for the subject and his marks are enhanced. Actually, he has good talent in painting. Lastly, he won in the painting competition of his school. After watching this film, I always wonder that why Ishaan is special. He is special because he sees ans accosts the world by his own eyes. Each person also have their own opinion about universe, nobody is similar. Especially, it is childrens who is very sensitive. Parents should let them develop naturally.

What’s about school and teacher? Teacher always plays an important role in developing both the knowledge and skills of students. In the primary school, this role becomes more important. Beacause young learners have lower level of awareness about themselve as well as about the the process of learning. Each class, each student is different, so teacher always cares and understands clearly about learners to choose the most suitable teaching method. School is place to equit knowledge and sof skills for the students, but it is not place to train students into the similar line. Each student develops in the different field. Teachers notice and develop the student’s multiple intelligences. In this film, the teacher – Nikumbh encourages ishaan develop his own intelligence in painting. When students have problems in learning, teachers try to find the reasons and give the solution or suggest for learner.

Emotion is one of the important factors. Teacher always maintains the encouragement and attention to children. It is good way to help children improve their learning. Shouting or punishment too much can make children fear and dislike to learn. Ishaan’s parents do not understand and find the reason, only criticize strongly him. As a result, Ishaan become more depressed until Nikumbh helped. According to this film, I  understand message :

Nobody is similar.

Let children develop naturally

Don’t make them become a stable model.


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