Thought deeply after watching  the film “ Taare Zameen Par”


   I cry so much when watching the film “ Taare Zameen Par”. Ishaan is an intelligent, active bay, but he has a rare disease. Nobody understand him why he don’t know how to write, how to read. All the subjects ( maths, history, geography, physical exercise), all the schools, all the books are enermy against Inu, except art. Inu has talent for painting and diverse imagination ( nature such as fish, octopus, so on, planet such as earth, sun, mars, moon, Jupiter,…). Inu’s father is angry with him about terrible results, playing truant. He do not understand his son. Family, school, society influence strongly study pressure: learn, learn, learn, good points, good results,… to reach their aim, they punish the poor boy by shouting angrily at him, standing beside the door, caning hand 5 times, even slaping the of Inu. Finally, Inu is given to a resident school by his parents. This is the terrible time, no family, no friends, Inu is frightened of shadow, and cry so much that he isolate from friends. However, Nikumbh teacher is interested in special students. He finds information about Inu in house, in school. The reason why Inu has these characters. I think Nikumbh teacher is like my English teacher. He’s very active, creative, joyful, enthusiastic, humour. All of his capacity contribute to education, students. I impress with Nikumbh’ s methods : creation and patience.

   We should find what students know, what students study to encourage them tho pay attention to the lesson. He asks Inu to turn on the light and said that who created the electricity. Then Inu respond rapidly Thomas Edison.

   In teaching English, we teach not only in class but also in school yard or near the lake. Then indicate a tree, a duck,  a house, a cloud, a sun, a flower, a spider, so on and give the question “ What’s this?”, “ What’s that?” “ how’s the weather?” these are lively teaching’s aids. NiKumbh’s methods help students to memory well and create many things, for example Inu make a plane running on the lake. So intelligent!

   Beside, teacher act the jester in a play, play flute or instruments, and sing a simple, happy song. These things make students close to teachers and love the lesson. “ Education for creative life” I think this is the slogan of Nikumbh teacher. He do not request these students have to do what teacher give. In color lesson, students can draw, paint the picture which they like.

    We should create many clubs, games, contests such as English talent contest ( sing, dance, draw, read poem,…) because students participate in several activities, they can develop their capacity.

    Nikumbh is the good teacher. He contribute time, affection, enthusiasm, intelligence to friendly students.



  1. firstly, i want to thanks for your writing :). in fact, your writing is inspired directly to me. yes, before i have never read or watched this film but i feel it attract and encourage me a lot. i think that you can be interested in film very much ,especially, the main character. i am same to you, after watching this film i also cry a lot. i feel puty for Ishaan -main character in this film. he is a person who is very intelligent and has talent of draw but don’t same to other he always get some troubles in reading and spelling, thus he remains in contemt of schoolmate and disappointment of his family .however, according to you,content of this film is very interesting because of a happy ending. YES, I agree with you . this film have a happy ending after a long time living in dark life and now ishaan have a bright future when everyone and his family recognized his talent. especially, he found himself in society. this film ended but i still wish for main character will have a life happily and thrivingly. once again , thanks a lot 🙂

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