Classroom management is one of the most important roles played by teachers because it decides the success of teaching and learning. Students in classes where effective management techniques  are used have higher achievement than those in classes where effective management techniques are not taken on. So, how to achieve effective classroom management? In this writing, I would to share some of my opinions about the ways to manage classroom effectively.

Firstly, it is necessary to make different rules in classroom. Rules must be created by both teacher and students, so that students can follow rules easily and correctly. When making rules, teacher have to use single words or simple phrases to help children easy to read and understand. It is not recognize to use complete sentences in creating classroom rules. Moreover, poster or table of rules should be decorated by colorful images or cards which are related to the rules. It is because children always like different colors.

Secondly, classroom management will be effective if teacher success in getting students’ attention. This is because getting attention of a large number of noisy students is always a challenge for the teacher. There are many ways to get students’ attention. Teacher can use both gestures and postures. For example, teacher can lap hands, wave hands or stomp feet to gain attention when students make noise. In addition, teacher should hold different funny activities. For instance, using short songs or chants as the signal of changing activities.

Lastly, creating learning environment is one of the most important aspects of gaining effective classroom management.  Learning environment is very important in classroom, especial in teaching language. To get positive learning environment in classroom, teacher and students are considered as the most important aspect. It is required to get both teacher and students’ attention. Students have to listen to the Teacher and the others in the class. Teacher has to create many activities for students to make them concentrate on the lesson. Activities must be funny, but educated and related to the lesson.

In conclusion, classroom management is very important in the class. Therefore, teacher have to find different ways to manage and control the class effectively.



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  2. hi
    thanks for your sharing. children do not like reading the rules in the class with so much black
    words, long sentences. why we don’t change it into simple words, single sentences, and many colorful images, cards, pictures to help children attract more the rules and memory easily. in the old methods, teacher usually used a big ruler made of wood. I were afraid of this ruler because teacher hit children on their fingers. It was so sore. however, today, we should not manage this kind. we can clap hands, use ring, flute whistle, sing a song, a rhymth to pay attraction. so, classoom management is so important.

  3. hi, you. I have read your sharing and many thanks for your useful sharing. I also have some same ideas with you about this problem. most of us have already known the importance of classroom management and it plays an important role in creating the success for teacher and good habit and behavior for children. basing on your sharing I also know how to manage a class with many mischievous students as well as how to make exciting atmosphere in the class which I’m sure that I will use them if I become an English teacher. however, I think it will be better if you can give more examples such as giving some songs or poets or chants that you think good for children to pay attention. that’s my idea. thank you

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