my thought after seeing “Taare Zameen Par”

“Taare Zameen Par” make a strong emotion for me, it’s a meaningful and interesting film. Inu is a poor boy, he can’t write and read, moreover nobody understand him even his parents. He face a rare disease. He always feel fear and worry about it. All the teachers and his father are disappoited and angry with him. They usually think that he is lazy and don’t want to learn. His father shout and punish him by moving him to boarding school. In there, he pass the lone time and isolate from friends. He don’t say anyword. But he saw a good teacher, Nikumbh who are very humour, enthusiastic and creative. He recognized that Inu has the same disease with him. Nikumbh found the way to help Inu and he got succes. He released that Inu is good in art. He encouraged Inu, and Inu would better in every subject.

I had got a lot of experiences from this film, which can help me in the future. I see that parents and teacher play a important role in child’s thought, specially teachers who are not only monitor but also a instructor to child. Teacher should be friendly and humour like Nikumbh to make a comfortable environment in the class. In addition, teacher should encourage students, instead of shouting and punishment. They should court child’s problems when he has strange manifestation, and from there find the solutions. They also know child’s weight and weak to have teaching method. From his weight, teacher encourage him and and make him improve little and little in his weak. Besides, parents should pay attention to their children’s wishes, interest and weight, spend more time to talk and share anything their children’s thought. In addition, in teachig language, teacher have to create comfortable atmosphere to make attention of students, or some interesting activities such as sing a song and dance, paint and draw pictures or do extracurricular activities to close students and know their abilities and intelligences. From that, students can develop their capacity and find their weight.

In sum up, every child is special. Children have own their abilities and wishes. Teachers and parents should find out it to apply different teaching methods appropriate for every child.


One thought on “my thought after seeing “Taare Zameen Par”

  1. Hi, Dung
    I have read your writing. First of all, I want to thank you for your writing. After reading this writing, I’d like to give my comments and opinions to you
    I agree with you that this film is very interesting and useful, especially, parents and teachers. I love this film so much. Through this film, we can learn many things such as the teaching ways or methods,… Moreover, this film also helps me to realize that before teaching anything for students, teachers should find out their strength, weakness and desire. It is the good way to treat their learning.
    In your writing, you mentioned some tips for teachers. It is very useful. However, it is better if you add some advice for parents and you also can compare education of vietnam with education of India
    Besides, I realize that you have many grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. You did not split verbs such as ” “Taare Zameen Par” make…., nobody understand…., He face…., He always feel….,His father shout and punish…..,he pass the lone time and isolate from friends. He don’t say anyword…”and so on
    You should pay attention to some spelling mistakes such as “disappoited, teachig”
    In your writing you use words “WEIGHT AND WEAK”. I think that it is best if you should use “strength and weakness” instead of that words
    Ok. That’s all what I want to comment
    Thanks very much

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