Things after seeing ‘ Taare Zameen Par’

Things after seeing ‘Taaze zameen mệnh’

       My name is sen. I am a member of group 2. Today I want to share with you about things after seeing ‘Taaze zameen mệnh’

     I am very moving when I see ‘Taare Zameen Par.’ Ishaan – the main character in this film. He is a strange boy. He can draw anything but he doesn’t know how to write, how to read all the subjects, so he often avoids the school. His teachers and parents are very worry and angry because he has bad marks. They often scold and punish him, and they think that he is lazy and doesn’t want to learn. His parents move him to another school. He has to overcome many difficulties at this school. But he meets a good teacher-Nikumbh. He understands his problem and helps him to improve his reading and writing skills. In addition, Taare also has the opportunity to develop his strong point – Art

This film makes me to be moving a lot. I love Taaze very much. This is one of the most significant films that I have seen. To me, it is really interesting and meaningful.  I realize that the realationship between people in the world is very complex. Besides this, this film helps me to see the world in different way. It is more positve. And I believe in myselt. In addition, It is useful for me becausse I am going to be a mother and a teacher in the near future. I need to know how to teach my children as well as my students.

The teachers and parents play an important in the development of children. Teaching chidren is not an easy problem. We need to have different strategies. For example we shouldn’t scold and criticize children when they make some mistakes, we had better tell them not to make mistakes again. We should remind and advise them little by little. If we scold and punish them they will feel fear and will hide us. What is the reason for this? Because they are very sensitive and easy to be vulnerable

 Furthermore, we aslo shouldn’t make the children to do what they don’t like. For example we shouldn’t have strict rules to children. We had not better make children do according to our ideals. We should create the opportunity for them to do whatever they want, which makes them to have the chance to boost their ability because they are very active and love discovering something new

In addition, the teachers and parents should teach their chidren basing on their weak points and help them to improve their strong points, for example if the children read and write not well, we should teach them to read and write step by step. And if they are good at art we should help them to develop the ability of drawing for them.

      To sum up, feelings and emotions are important factors in the development of children, so we should focus on the feelings and emotions of children.  To help chidren learn better we should encourage them as soon as they make mistakes. We should scold and criticize children when they make some mistakes

One thought on “Things after seeing ‘ Taare Zameen Par’

  1. Hi, Sen!
    I am Nhu. The first words I want to write are “Thanks for your writing”. Your writing is interesting. You summarize the film, so everyone can know the main content of this film. Moreover, you show that feelings and emotion are important factors in the development of children. Sure. I agree with you. And in your writing, you also give many suggestions for teaching children- primary school students. They are very useful. However, I think that it would be better if you gave some difficulties in teaching primary school students (Ishaan is an example) after summarizing the film. It is a good condition to continue your writing (giving suggestions in next paragraphs). I see that your suggestions are very good. I like them. However, teaching English is a little different from teaching other subjects. Therefore, you can add some methods of teaching English for children. I hope that my comments will be useful! ^^

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