Teaching English through songs

Music has many advantages in the life. Music makes the environment exciting and helps people to relax after hard-working day. Music also attracts children very much because of the rhythm, the lyrics. Especially, teaching English through songs is very effective. A song has many new words and phrases. While learning new songs children can learn vocabulary. In addition, they can practice listening skills by listen to the songs and do some task such as fill in the gaps, circle right answers… In order to sing the song, children have to read the lyric line by line. After that, the teacher adds music and teaches students to sing. In this process, students can be taught pronunciation, linking sounds, intonation,… Being an English teacher, I have to distinguish clearly between teaching English through English songs and teaching how to sing a song. With only one song, we can teach a grammatical unit, a structure, etc… However, it is very important for the teacher to choose appropriate songs. They should be easy with simple rhythm and words. Moreover, the lyrics printed in paper should have big font size, which helps children see easily. Teachers also should prepare pictures, real objects to teach vocabulary. They have to be able to sing and handle what they will teach through the song. Children are fond of music so they will sing the songs many times. They will learn naturally. Otherwise, teachers review the songs week by week. They can change the lyrics to teach other content or create new activities to help students enhance the lesson content easily. For example, with the song “What color is the sky?”, the teacher teaches 4 colors: blue, green, red and yellow. After teaching vocabulary, teacher can ask students to match names of color with pictures or color the picture which consists of the sky, the grass, the sun and an apple with suitable colors. These activities are very interesting and suitable with children. In short, using songs to teach English is very effective. Teachers should choose suitable songs and create various activities to help students learn actively.


4 thoughts on “Teaching English through songs

  1. Hi, my friend
    First of all, I want to thank you for sharing some useful information. I have read your writing. It is an useful writing for me. Now I want to give some comments for your writing.
    I want to say that your writing is interesting. After reading it, I know more benefits of using music in teaching . In your writing, you also give readers some advice when using music. I think that it is very good because we should not misuse it. It is only effective if we use it suitably
    Besides, I also want to give you some advice. It is better if you divide your writing into two parts. The first part is benefits of music in teaching and another part is some tips for using music in teaching. Moreover, you should use linking words such as firstly, secondly,… I think that it will help readers remember your writing and identify the main ideas in your writing.
    That’s all what I want to share
    Thanks so much!!!!!!!

  2. Hello, my friend!
    Thank you for your sharing about the using songs in teaching English for children. I feel it is interesting. I agree with you that music has many benefits in life. It helps us relax after a working hard. it not only helps adults but also children. Actually, songs are very helpful to children when they learn language. It not only changes the studying atmosphere but also makes children easy to follow and pay attention to the lesson.
    I feel your writing is interesting because you had an example when writing. That is a good point.
    Moreover, I also agree with the comment above. You should divide your post clearly to the reader easy to follow. That is my idea about your writing.
    Thank you so much

  3. hi, i’ve already read your writing and some comments below it.
    i feel it’s very useful for me in teaching English for children.Using songs as as a teaching aid in class is very helpful. Music plays an important role in our life, it also bring many benefits. in teaching a language, i agree with you and our friends that using songs is very effective.It helps us change atmosphere in class, or revise the lesson. music also contains vocab, grammar, intonation in its tone,that makes children feel easier to receive a language. Songs are also easy to make strong memory for kids.Moreover, in your writing i also like your examples for illustrating some ideas.
    at last, i want to say thank you for your writing.

  4. Hi Nang Ban Mai!! I have already read your writing and i also have some comments.
    Firstly, thank you so much for your useful sharing; I also learned many things from your sharing. I agree with you that music is as a good tool which helps children to learn a foreign language better. It helps students to study new words and structures from the song easily and quickly. They also can practice listening skills by listen to the songs and do some task such as fill in the gaps, circle right answers.
    In facts, we should choose a suitable song with student’s ability as well as their hobby. I like the way you printed the paper of song in big font size to help children see easily and prepare pictures, real objects to teach vocabulary because student like something which are simple and realistic
    However, I will add some ideas for your writing. Teacher can use song in warm-up, when studying or when teacher want to control the class. You should use body language when teaching the song. You can combine sing and dance or so on. The next is about your writing, you should write it in some main point so that we can read it easier. You should edit your writing (about size, typefaces, alignment) and add some picture to illustrate before updating. It’s better if you do like this. Thanks so much!!!

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