Classroom management (Lâm Thị Hoài-K33)


Classroom management is term used by teacher to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lesson run smoothy despite disruptive behavior by students. It means the prevention of disruptive behavior. Therefore, classroom management is very important in teaching.

To make the lesson be successful, teacher should creat an environment where students are successful as a result of their own efforts, and they are much more likely to want to do well. How can teacher make a good classroom management? There are many ways, but I will focus on three main methods .

The first is making the rules for students. Thank to the rules, teacher is easy to administer their students. Teaher should give 4 to 6 rules in the class. It is easy for student to remember all of the rules. The rules need short and simple. For example: being on time, pay attention, don’t make a noise, etc. These rules help students establish their habit in the school aas well as in their life. They also promote students on studying and self-discipline. To make students carry out the classroom rules, teacher has to give the punishment for students who don’t perform these rules.

The second is time management. The goal of classroom management is to not only maintain order but also to optimize students learning. Time management is very important in teaching. If teacher can not control their time, they will not manage students through the lesson. Time management includes four kinds. They are allocated time, instructional time, engaged time and academic learning time. Firstly, allocated time is the total time for teaching, learning and rountine classroom procedures like attendence and announcement. Secondly, instructional time is what remains after rountine classroom procedures are completed. It is the time wherein teaching and learning actuathy takes place. Thirdly, engaged time is the time on task. In this time students can participate in learning activities, asking and responding. In this time, students often make a noise, some of them don’t do the exercises or requirment of teacher. Therefore, teacher should has some ways to make students pay attention the lesson and do the task. Lastly, academic learning time is the time that studentd participate in activities and successful in in learning activities. Effective classroom management maximize academic learning time. Based on these time, teacher can give the suitable activities, exercises, group works for students and make them concentrate in learning.

The last is getting attention. In the class, many students make noise at the begining of the class or when teacher change the activity. Therefore, teacher should get attention to make student focus on learning. There are two main ways of getting attention. They are using sound and moverment. Teacher can use sound such as teacher shout, clap the board, clap the hand, knock the table, using short song, tambourine sound, etc. Beside teacher can use others way such as wave hand, raise teacher hand and say nothing, stand up and sit down. The ways help teacher change their focus, they also make the lesson to become more interesting. Students will be comfortable and pleased. Getting attention is the important factor in teaching. All of teacher must have knowledge about them and apply them into the lesson to make a succesful lesson.

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