Some ways to manage classroom

In order to teach English effectively, teachers have to not only teach knowledge but also manage all students’ activities. When they manage well, they will create a positive learning environment. In which, students always pay attention on the lesson; they respect each other and the teacher and they understand what they have to do. However, how can teachers create this environment?

Firstly, teachers have to build clear rules at the beginning of the school year. It is better to establish no more than 10 rules. They are about what behavior is and is not acceptable in class. For examples, rules are raising hands, coming to class on time, don’t speak when someone is talking; tidying up at the end of class and so on. These rules help students to establish good habits in class and in life.

Secondly, teachers establish and manage group work well to get the most out of collaborative activity. They can divide class in to some small groups, each group has 3 to 5 people.  In group, students focus on the main content. They discuss to get the main points, compare and contrast something. Teachers become observers. They are easy to manage the class.

Thirdly, teachers give instructions simply and understandably. They should use gestures to reinforce points and do steps by steps. They can check understanding by asking 1 student to do the task as a model.

Fourthly, teachers get attention by clapping hands, singing songs or making special sounds. These ways keep students busy so they can’t talk or do anything else except following teachers’ instructions.

Finally, teachers set up stirring and settling activity suitably. Stirring activities create a lot of activities. They can be song with actions, passing flashcards and asking a question in English. Settling activities calm the children down. They can be coloring in pictures, writing tasks.

To sum up, teachers should choose suitable activities to attract students’ attention in class. Besides,  they have to be friendly and flexible in class.




One thought on “Some ways to manage classroom

  1. hi
    thanks for your sharing it’s necessary for those who want to become a good primary teacher in the future.
    As you write, teachers have to build clear rules at the beginning of the school year. I think you should give more detail for this tip. I mean how to have a good rules ? It should be clear, short, and easy to remember, It also need to build based on your student’s . You can ask the ideas of students before desinging the rules.
    Moreover, you can make it more interesting by using pictures or colours ❤

    i also very like the ways you suggest to get attention ( clapping hands, singing songs or making special sounds ). And i have a new ideas that we can get attention by Changing the level and tone of our voice

    One more time, Thanks for your writing !
    have a nice day!

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