Games are not only used for entertainment but also for educational purposes as well. In fact, using games is an essential part of Teaching Language and also the best technique in teaching the English language because it makes learning fun and it also addresses several problems.

Using Games, especially during teaching English as a second language, offer a lot of benefits such as:

– The students have more fun learning and participating in class. Games create an excited atmosphere to young learners continue learning when they are feeling bored.

– Through games, young learners will have a lot of chance to communicate more. They would be encouraged to know more, think more and also learn more.

– Young learners get to practice more their English while playing.

– Games support more motivation and stimulation for students. It makes them pay more attention to the lessons and exert mental effort in memorizing the rules so they would be able to play well and not let themselves or their teammates down.

– Some games involve physical movement and this keeps everyone focused and stimulated. They make young learners feel enjoyable and interested and forget their tireless.

– Using games is also a venue to help all the students gain more confidence.

– A lot of the games do not require much material and time preparation. The visual aids needed are classroom props and black board. This would effectively give more stimulating and fun classes in so little effort too.

– Games can be used to control the atmosphere in the class.

Therefore, Games are a great component to include in your classroom repertoire of activities because they allow pupils to explore different learning styles and learn the proposed topics at the same time. Teachers should be positive in using game in Teaching English language.


3 thoughts on “ĐỖ THỊ LAN

  1. Hi, Lan
    Thank you for your writing. I have read your writing and I want to give some comments and opinions about this writing
    First of all, you gave readers some useful information about the benefits of games. I agree with you that games are one of the good ways to motivate students and create a positive atmosphere in the classroom.
    However, in your writing, I realize that you gave some similar benefits. Overall, most of these benefits support creating the atmosphere of classroom
    It is better if you give some benefits related to student’s learning. For example, games can help students learn vocabulary, remember new words,….
    Moreover, you can list some games which teachers can use in the classroom. If possible you also can suggest some steps to organize these games
    Besides, you should use some linking words such as firstly, secondly,…when listing benefits of games. It is the good way to help readers remember some main ideas in your writing.
    That’s all what I want to say
    I want to again thank you!!!!!

  2. Hi lan!
    I as well as you think that game have the purpose for entertainment but also education. You give very much benefits of using game in teaching. For example, Games create an excited atmosphere to young learners continue learning, communicate more, practise more, etc… However, ideas seem to be same a bit. But it does not matter 😉 . From these benefits, it shows that game is very important in teaching, especially in teaching English. Therefore, teacher needs to use many games in teaching English. However, I think you should give some right strategies to teach game effective to have the best studying results. In addition, you can introduce one of the most popular games to take evidence.
    These are some my ideas. I hope that you will receive them. Thank you once again!

  3. Hi Lan,
    i agree with you about the real benefit of using game in teaching English, it is useful for us to choose games to motivate our students in our lesson. but i think that you can add some more about how to use the game. we need concern on many elements when organizing gmae for students such as:The time of day the English lesson is held, and what happens before or after it , the materials, the class level (elementary, intermediate or advanced), the used language…. they need be consider before giving any game to ensure students tobe interested in playing game. i also give some disadvantages of game, for example :
    – Children may simply finish quicker than others.
    – The class sometimes is not the best place for using games.
    – The noise can be another problem, because if they have to speak orally it can be noisier than classes in which children are doing written exercises.
    -The different levels of the student can be a problem too.
    -And sometimes if the weaker students are mixed with more able students, the weaker students can feel bad in comparison with the others.
    – And there are also some students that may not feel like participating in the class and can disturb the others.
    we should plan some solutions for these problems to use game most effectively.
    so, i want to say thank you again

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