Teaching songs is an important role in the development of young children learning a second language. Songs are also used in English Language Teaching classroom all over the world.

Most of children enjoy singing songs, and they can often be a welcome change from routine of learning a second language. Using songs in Teaching English has many advantages for teacher and students:

For teaching, using songs in the classroom can also be a nice break from following a set curriculum. Songs can be taught to any numbers of students and even those teachers with the most limited resources can use them effectively. Songs can also be useful tools in the learning of vocabulary, sentence structures and sentence patterns, so it is very easy to teach English effectively.

For students, Songs propose a change from habitual classroom actions. They can help young learners improve their listening skill and pronunciation because they provide students with practice listening to different forms of intonation and rhythm, so potentially helping them to improve their speaking skills. Learning English through songs also create an excited atmosphere for students who usually are tense when speaking English in an official classroom location. Moreover, songs can also help student become add more confident when they must face to face many people to perform or sing.

Therefore, using songs in teaching English is an interesting and popular method. Teachers should carry out actively to use songs.



One thought on “ĐỖ THỊ LAN

  1. Firstly, I want to say thank you for your writing!
    I see and agree with your points about the benefit of teaching English songs in class. It helps Ss improve their listening skill, pronunciation skill. It also one of the best ways that make Ss easy to learn new words or structures, bring the relax time for Ss. Especially, it helps Ss become more confident when they stand before the class- this is an important factor with a person studying second language.
    However, there is one thing that make I confuse is “…and they can often be a welcome change from routine of learning a second language”. Can you explain???

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