Using games in classroom


In my opinion, games are one of the most effective tools that most of the teachers often use in teaching activities in classroom to motivate students in lesson directly and develop their language competence (communicative competence).  Because teachers will use target language in giving instructions, so students also try to understand and use target language to persuade or negotiate their way to get success in during games. Thus, using games in class have an important role in improving students’ skills, especially communicative skill.

Moreover, Games offer students a fun-filled and relaxing learning atmosphere without nervous or stressful. It makes a funny and comfortable feeling in learners. They can pay attention in lesson and take part in actively and positively in new lesson. When do you play a game? The time you decide to implement a game, will also affect what kind of game you play. Games can stir or settle a class so you should choose according to the time of day or content of lesson, your particular students and their mood on that day!

Therefore, absolutely, games have a lot of benefit in teaching and learning activities, especially, learning activities as put learner into centered position, promote communicative competence, create a meaningful context for language use, increase learning motivation, reduce learning anxiety, integrate various linguistic skills, encourage creative and spontaneous use of language, construct a cooperative learning environment, foster participatory attitudes of the students.


There is variety of games which can be used in classroom:



Kim’s game


Word square

Action game

Slap the board

Simon say

Finger writing



Jumble word


Pass the card

Hit the card

Guessing game

Read and draw


Maybe, having a lot games in classroom based on what are the aims in class? What contents are in lesson that teacher want to transmit to?…

Thus, lesson can be more flexible and creative if teacher uses games in free time or a period of time in a day. I’m sure that students will feel very comfortable and funny in lesson without sleepy or nervous.



5 thoughts on “HA THI THANH HUONG

  1. Thanks for your sharing
    As you know, using game is also an effective way in teaching language.
    However, you did not mention about how to apply this way in teaching English for Children?

    Or explain the important of using game when teaching language for young learner?

    Do you agree with tme?

    And i hope that you could give me some examples of the games which you wrote.
    For example the swat game. I don’t know this game but i am sure that it is an interesting game. Could you give me more details about this game. I will use it to teach my Ss in the future
    Thanks so much!

  2. tks for your idea, i will check again my writing ,uh huh because i only focus on indicadind how important games are? but i forgot showing some practical game in real situation, absolutely, this is my mistakes i will change and edit after :))

  3. Thank for your sharing.
    I can see that, your writing is very useful to me. You mentioned to many kinds of game and some of them I don’t know. However, I agree with Xuyen’s ideas. It is better if you gave the rules of each game.
    Beside, there is one thing that I’m not totally agree with you, when you said that “…develop their language competence (communicative competence)” and “Thus, using games… skills, especially communicative skill”. I think that, game help your Ss improve many language skills, such as writing, guessing, remembering etc
    Moreover, I think we can use game in many time. The game we mention here is not for relaxing. The aim of game is help Ss feel easy to learn. It also help teacher change the atmosphere of the class and encourage Ss take part in the lesson, so why did you say that “lesson can be more flexible and creative if teacher uses games in free time”.

  4. Dear Thanh Huong!
    I agree with you that Games have many benifits in Language teachings: motivating students, improving student’s skill…game is very effective.
    in your writing, you just only give some benifit of the game not example. I think that you should give example about a specific game and give instructions.

    For example: Nuber game.
    In this game you can practice English numbers. You have to listen to or read English language for numbers and then race to the matching numbered corner. Learning the numbers in English is a basic but quite important area. In particular learning to differentiate teen numbers with multiples of ten such as seventeen and seventy is quite important and is something that even learners at higher levels sometimes have trouble with.
    With this game I hope that learners of English as a second language can practice and review number language in a fun way.
    Leave any comments you have below.

  5. thanks for your sharing. however, i think you should support some specific example to everyone understand easily. and you should aslo explain cleary about deviding group methods when using game in teaching English Language.ok?

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