Classroom management is one of the most important roles played by teachers because it decides the success of teaching and learning. Students in classes where effective management techniques  are used have higher achievement than those in classes where effective management techniques are not taken on. So, how to achieve effective classroom management? In this writing, I would to share some of my opinions about the ways to manage classroom effectively.
To achieve effective lessons, it must have a combination of many factors such as teaching methods, students’ attitudes, teaching content. Especially, the learning environment is very important. There are many factors to create a positive learning environment:
– Share things
– Students actively participate: work collaboratively and in co- operation; students are productively angaged
– Listen to teacher and each other
– Respect each other and teacher
– Stimulating and motivating learning materials
– Students pay attention
– Understand what they have to do
– Positive teacher/ students relationship: praise and encouragement from theteacher; emphasis on building self esteem and confidence; positive behaviour is valued.

The next factor is classroom management skills of teachers. As a teacher, you of course need to establish general rules of conduct for your classroom such as raising hands, keeping thing tidy, sharing thing, being on time…. But how do you make your students want to follow the rules? Today, I give some advice for you about it:
– Treat others as you would like to be treated.
– Respect other people and their property.
– Laugh with anyone, but laugh at no one
– Be responsible for your own learning.
– Come to class and hand in assignments on time

In short, the teacher wants to teach language effectively, he has to have patience, enthusiasm and fan the flame of children’s creativity.


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