Patient, friendly and creative teacher

When I saw Ishaan’s tears, I saw myself on the first days when I was far from my house to go to Thai Nguyen for my study. I had cried a lot because I missed my family so much. When watching this film, my tears were fallen. Actually, this film made a strong impression on me. This is the first film I have ever seen that could convey educational messages effectively and successfully, especially educational ones in teaching English. Through image of Ram Shankar Nikumbh, we can see:

Firstly, teacher is patient. It is not difficult to recognize a wonderful teacher in this film. Is that right? He is Ram Shankar Nikumbh who is very patient. Only Nikumbh realizes that Ishaan is unhappy. However, by love and patience, he helps Ishaan to find himself. We know that English is not a new language, but it is new to children whom their first language is not English. Making mistake by children is usual. The teacher should be patient, helps learners to find the mistake and to correct.

Secondly, teacher is friendly. Teacher is a person who helps children thinks that the school is a useful and happy playground. Don’t always be angry and give punishment when students make mistake. We just learn well when we feel comfortable, not stressful. Children do like this. Therefore, let’s be friendly people and create a friendly environment of teaching and learning. For example, the teacher can sing songs, play games or tell funny stories… like Nikumbh does in his lessons.

Lastly, teacher is creative. Creation is a very necessary thing in teaching English. Every child is very creative, and only creative teacher discovers students’ creation. The world that each child thinks and imagines is not same, so the way they learn and understand things is very different. Nikumbh breaks many hard rules by asking students to think, dream and imagine. This way is very good. Through it, he can notice special talent of each student. Moreover, to help Ishaan remember vocabulary well, Nikumbh uses clay to mold many shapes such as elephant, apple… Actually, learners will remember more easily through teaching aids. Therefore, the teacher should use teaching aids (real objects…) when teaching. It is very creative and effective. In addition, students will be very happy if their effort, their results are recognized. Therefore, the teacher should hold many competitions for learners, give them compliment and gifts, which can encourage them so much.

In conclusion, every child has his own way of learning and understanding things. Therefore, teaching primary school students is not an easy work, especially, teaching English for them. However, I think that if you are a patient, friendly and creative teacher, teaching children is not difficult.


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2 thoughts on “Patient, friendly and creative teacher

  1. Dear Vunhu! the film that you saw is so meaningful to children, although i have not seen that film yet, i read your comment about that film and i feel very expessive. this film talked about a teacher whose name is Ram Shankar Nikumbh. he was so patient, friendly, and creative, they are important characteristic of primary teacher. thanks to the film which you mentioned above, i obtain experiences from that film, and i need to change myself to become better teacher. thanks for posting your idea

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