“seven-coloured crainbow” chant is used to apply to LESSON 4, UNIT 18, TIẾNG ANH 3, page 54-59.

lesson plan:lesson plan rainbow song

It has very easy rhythm to student in grade 3.

Seven-coloured Rainbow:

I am rainbow

I am rainbow

I have seven

Seven colors

It is red, red red red

It is orange, orange orange orange

It is yellow, yellow yellow yellow

It is green, green green green

It is blue, blue blue blue

It is indigo, indigo indigo indigo

It is violet, violet violet violet


About thanhty

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH TOY: PINK DOLL COLOR: PINK + GREEN ..................................


  1. I have some comments for your post here:
    * about your lesson plan:
    – In the objectives are quite good, but I think it’s lack of some objectives as: firstly, students will able to identify colors clearly: red, yellow, blue, indigo, violent…because some words are new. Secondly, you should list of materials or teaching aids you use to teach such as lesson plan, pictures, radio, cassette…
    – In the procedure: + how to introduce the song: with picture or song. you should give clear explaination about rainbow.
    + in the song, the stucture: It’s…, you show it to student know.
    + you can play the song on Radio or cassette, even sing before student. after that you and student can sing together to help student can remember the lyric and rhythm.
    * about your post: you need to give a recording about the song you teach, or share the song with any link to help the audience can enjoy.

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