Some ideas of using games in teaching English

Using games is one of the good ways to attract children in teaching English. Games mean the world to children. Thanks to games, children are more interested in learning English. It also motivates students to master English fast and easy.

Why should we use games in the classroom?

Well-chosen games are extremely useful because they help students to relax and allow students to practice language skills. Games are highly motivating since they are amusing and at the same time challenging. Moreover, the games deliver meaningful and useful language in real contexts. They also encourage and increase cooperation among students.

When to use games?

A game should keep all of the students involved and interested.

A game should encourage students to focus on the use of language rather than on the language itself.

A game should give students a chance to learn, practice, or review specific language material.

Which games are applicable?

Certain programs on TV or a video clip can be used by teachers to design suitable games for their students. More popular language games such as “Twenty Questions,” “The Whispering Game,” “Action” “Asking Yes/No Questions“ and “Slap the board” are applicable and appropriate in use.

Important things to consider when using games in the classroom

•           Games should be regarded as supplementary activities. The whole syllabus should not be based on games only.

•           When choosing a game, the teacher should be careful to find the game which is suitable for students.

•           Give clear instructions and example (if necessary).

•           The teacher should not force an individual to participate. Some learners may not want to participate due to personal reasons. Pushing students to participate usually does not have successful results.

•           A game which looks wonderful on the paper may not work in the actual classroom setting. If it is tiring or boring, it should be stopped.

In conclusion, using games is an efficient way to teach English in the classroom. It can help you get the best results in the classroom .Games also teach Students how to share their ideas and work as a team.


3 thoughts on “Some ideas of using games in teaching English

  1. firstly, i want to thanks for your writing ,yes, maybe it makes me more understand and gets some mistakes in my writing. i think your writing is quite clear 🙂 i indicated how to use game in a practical classroom, and the reasons why we need to use games. absolutely, in teaching activities, games are a excellent tool helping teachers can control classroom or direct students in lesson without boring or sleepy atmostphere. i mean games have various effect on learners, it affects to your feeling or emotion of learners ,especially, to younger learners. in fact they like playing a game very much instead of monotonous activities in classroom they like to act as role- play,, act as much as posible in classroom. therefore games are effective teaching aid in classroom which used by most of the teacher base on purpose of the lesson( teacher wants to stir or settle students in classroom so that teachers can choose appropriate game ) ok, this is my sharing , once again thank you for your writing. it is really very intersting and useful. good luck for you :)))

  2. Dear Xuyen.
    Thank for your sharing about some ideas using game in languages teaching. I agree with you Games games is one of the good ways to attract children in teaching English. It helps students to relax, practice language skill and motivate students. They will focus on the lesson and understand more about the lesson..I think that Games should be used to make interesting atmosphere. when students feel asleep or they do not concentrate on the lesson.Games also can be used at the end of the lesson. the teacher select a game which related to the lesson. so this game helps students to practice and remember what they have learned. The teacher has the role important in selecting the game. the game must to relate the lesson and suitable for the student…I think that your writing is very good.

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