something about Storytelling

Children’s childhood is a series of tales told from grandparents, parents, and especially we remember details of the story very quickly. They may retell the story though are not full. The fairy tale attracted the attention; they make children feel interested and inquisitive. In addition stories help promote the child’s imagination. Children will imagine themselves as the characters in the story so children can remember the context of story very quickly. Storytelling helps children relax and feel comfortable. This is very clear that when we read a small story before they sleep, they will sleep easily

Before the early development of children, Teachers need to improve the variety and plenty of teaching methods which can attract children, don’t make pressure and especially, help children remember easier and faster. Storytelling is also good method of teaching English for children. This is not too strange but how to use it effectively; it depends on the way teaching of each teacher. Especially, primary school- the age which students prefer playing than studying and their concentration is not so high.

Story telling is the art and teacher is an artist. Through storytelling, teachers not only teach students about the content of the story or the way to retell the story, but also teach them many things. For example, teachers can teach students new vocabulary or help students remember new words they have learned, or practice their listening, speaking, reading skills for children… of course and children will feel exited with activities of storytelling like: retelling the story by their own words or act as the characters in the story. It is useful for children because:

–          When children retell the story by own words, they must use new words and use words which they have learned to retell the story. It helps them remember words longer and longer. Moreover, it helps children practice speaking skill before a crowd.

–          When children act as the characters in the story, it helps children understand the content of the story and the lesson. Besides, children feel exited with lesson and concentrate more. It is the way to attract children pay attention and helps them relax but still remember lesson.

Because the characteristics of children in this age are hyperactive and giddy so storytelling is the suitable way for teaching children. Basic on the story, teacher should create more and more as impossible but it is useful with lesson to help children remember lesson easily. Through storytelling, teacher can teach English for children but not teaching about story. So storytelling is both easy and difficult teaching method. It challenges the creativity of the teacher


2 thoughts on “something about Storytelling

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  2. Dear my friend,
    Firstly, I want to say thank you for your writing. I have read it and it is very interresting and useful. You share your thought about story, children and teacher’s role in telling story. You also give some advice to the teacher to tell stories effectively. I agree that teacher have to use variety methods to attract children. Teacher should give students chances to retell stories by their own. They will learn new vocabulary, and improve their speaking skill. Moreover, acting as characters in stories makes students pay much attention on the lesson and relax. However, you make some grammatical and spelling mistakes in this journal. Some sentences in this post I do not understand, such as “Basic on the story, teacher should create more and more as impossible but it is useful with lesson to help children remember lesson easily”. Try to write better in the next writing. Thank for your post again. Have a nice day!

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