” Taare Zameen Par”- a meaningful film for education

“ Taare Zameen Par” a meaningful film for education

Actually, I could not hold back my tears, when I saw the ending of the film Taare zameen Par with a boy- Ishaan is the main character. Perhaps words hardly to describe how emotional I feel. I just want to say that it is a wonderful and meaningful film. It attracted the attention of educationists, teachers, parents, administrators and others interested in education. Also a successful film that changes the thinking, attitudes and behaviours of people much faster than any other technique. After watched it, I had many changes in my thought about teaching for children.

– Firstly, as a teacher in the future, patient is necessary when students make mistakes or naughty. It is impossible to scold, beat or kick them out the class as a punishment. That will make the students naughtier or hate the teacher and do not want to go to school.

– Secondly, I wonder that how do the teacher become a friend with the students? I can’t answer before I watched this film. And now, I can see the teacher Ram- a new art teacher     in the film, as good example. I think that he can touch him student’s soul and understand them. Especially, he helps Ishaan to overcome his dyslexic and learn as his friends. May be, if the Mr.Ram is not appear, Ishaan will become depression and everyone won’t find his special ability.

The film also gives parents many important massages. In many modern families, fathers believe that they are responsible for earning money and the wife have therefore responsibility of the house including child development. However, it is a parent’s mistake, because both father and mother have influent to children development. Moreover, parents should be very careful and try not to make the children realize as if they are a burden on them, this affects the soul of the child. A mother spend less time but is of quality is much more important than a mother who spends all the time but is not necessary. In fact, all the parents expect their children can develop and learn well and they use marks to evaluate their children. The most important thing the parents forgot is that they less care about the child’s pressure of school or family; what problems their children have; how they can help them or what talent their children have.

Furthermore, in the class, the role of teacher is very important, they will effect directly on    learning attitude of children. May be, teacher generally believe that all students have same ability in a class and teaching one students is same for all therefore whatever one student learns in the class should be learnt by all equally well—–is this a right belief? Actually, each children has own ability. The teacher should create learning environment that child can express all their ability. One of the most important is the teachers’ attitude with the students must be friendly and unthreatening, therefore the students are able to follow the instruction and share their problems through different means.

Besides, it is necessary to working between parents and teacher. They can discus about the children’s activities, learning, and ability at home and at school and help the children solve their problems and help them have a happy life.

Thus, the children development depend on many things includes the relationships parents and children; teacher and children; children and children; parents and teacher. We have to connect all the relationship suitably to avoid hurt to soul of the children.


2 thoughts on “” Taare Zameen Par”- a meaningful film for education

  1. Hi Dung
    Firstly, I want to say thanks for your sharing!
    I can see that you had a nice- writing. I think most of the contents which this film gave us had appear in the writing. I completely agree with you, with your comment about the parents, teacher and their traditional thinking as well as the old methods to teach their children! Especially, there was a statement in your writing which I understood thoroughly when you talked about the teacher had change the life of the pity student: “he can touch him student’s soul”. Sure that, this teacher have to get his teeth for his job can be understand the feeling of his Ss. That’s admirable!
    One more time, many thanks for your writing!

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