“Taare Zameen Par” – a movie worth watching

After watching this movie, I have a lot of mixed emotions which are both fun and sad. I think it impresses not only to me but also to all audiences. I have learned a lot things.

Firstly, children like playing more than studying. The main character in the film is Ishaan, who is very rich imagination, likes  exploring the world outside. Even if while he does the test, he also imagines about the planets.

Secondly, the child’s soul is very fragile. Ishaan is a representation of a student who has poor learning outcomes, was despised by everyone around. He is a victim of a rigid, stereotypying. The attitude of people around him that makes Ishaan become more inferiority. I have dyslexia. Everyone is scoffed him because of weakness. It also makes him feel scared school and the learning result is more and more decreased. Therefore, we should not neglect students who have difficulties in studying.

Thirdly, education plays an important role in shaping the personality of students. Ishaan learns in environment which teachers are rigid and old-fashioned. For example, when students cannot read texts, teacher only scolds and chases out. This is not a good education. Thing which changes whole school and Ishaan is the appearance of teacher Nikumbh. This suggests that the good teaching staff plays a very important role. Nikumbh is going to change in a positive way. He not only gives  new approaches to teaching, but also learns about students’ life.

Finally , encouragement is a great motivation for children. Love is very necessary for people especially for children who have fragile and pure hearts. Children need to be encouraged from parents and teachers. Nikumbh’s encouragement created an unexpected exploit. The story has a happy ending. This shows that Ishaan is deserve to get the best things, desires to reach dreams, new horizons .

In short, outdoor scenes impact strongly on the mentality of children, especially children who have sensitive hearts. We need to understand the root causes of weakness and offer the most appropriate solutions. If we do not do, we can loss of talent as a character in the film .


3 thoughts on ““Taare Zameen Par” – a movie worth watching

  1. Hi, Huong. Thank for your writing. it’s so useful for me. I agree with you ideas. After seeing this films , i also study many things. In facts,some teachers use traditional methods which is not suitable with some children. They oblige children study and do what they like, what they want. Parents put their hope into children’s shoulders. They hope their children will be success or become rich person…. However, you should give some ideas to help us- teacher in the future to help children study better and better. For examples, teacher should undersatnd what children really want, use new and interesting methods, encourage or motivate children when they have dificulties….It’s the orientation for teachers in the future

  2. Hi huong, thanks for your sharing, I watched this firm and I also had the same feeling like you. I agree with you that teacher should share their love to their students. They have to care about what their students thinks and need. Beside For students who have difficulties in getting knowledge, they shouldn’t give them punishment. They should find out the root of problem to choose the best solution. Especially, each child has their own ability, adult should not force their ambitions to child. i think that if some one want to become a good teacher in the future, they should watch this film.

  3. Hi Huong. Thanks for your sharing about this film. I saw it and i really like it because it brings me many feeling, i agree with your idea, the tradditon method in teaching is not suitable with some children nowsaday. throughout this film, i think that children always have many things for adults to understand. the most important thing in educating children like Ishaan is to understanding their problem and encourage them to improve themselves. no one is talent when they were born but they have a chance to become a talent if stimulated in right way. who can help them is their parents and teachers…here, i want to share with you a book if you concern about this problem . this is ” TOI TAI GIOI VA BAN CUNG THE” by author,Adam Khoo. i read it and saw this film, i knew more about the teaching way. as a teacher, we not only teach knowledge for them but also bring to them belief. ” if you want to success, i have to create belief for yourself”.

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