Chalkboards and teachers are always regarded as teaching aids in multifunction. Now I can suggest some idea to use these teaching aids effectively:
*To chalkboard:
– Class management: attract student’s attention with real value knowledge when they are reflected on chalkboard.
– use them to paste posters or handouts
– Help T describe their gesture on the board
– T becomes the centre of attention in classroom.
-Help teacher show something as visual aids, content of lesson.
– Help S see well.
*To teacher
– working as instructors: teachers give instruction to students to help students understand requirement of tasks in books.
– as a singer or composer: teacher will sing a song and maybe compose some simple songs or chants.
-working as a model in class: actors in drama along with students and actors in any activities or mime the animal sounds.
– writing on the board, drawing the some shapes, some pictures…
– showing and explaining everything to S by voice, actions
– performing any songs
– drawing pictures or something
– encourage S in studying activities
– Helping S to do homework


3 thoughts on “TEACHING AIDS

  1. Hi Thuy! I’ve read your article. That is the good idea. Thank you so much. I have learned many things through your post. However, I also see a few problems in it and I want to give you my comment:
    -Teachers are also the controller of student’s activities
    -Teachers are examiner
    – Teacher is also a friend, relative and brother who encourage and share when students meet difficulty as well as success.

  2. Hi, Thuy
    I have read your writing. I’d like to thank you for your writing. I want to give you my comments.
    I gave readers some useful information about teaching aids. Especially, teachers and chalkboard also are significant teaching aids. I think that these aids play different roles in the different situation.
    However, I think that you should give some examples for each idea. It will help learners understand these contents clearly.
    Beside your ideas, I want to add some different ideas. Some roles of the teacher in the classroom:
    teacher as a model or example for children.
    teacher as a narrator
    teacher as a singer
    teacher as a presenter
    teacher as a dancer
    teacher as a painter
    teacher as a player

    That’s all what I want to share
    Thanks so much

  3. Dear Thuy!
    Firstly, I want to say that thank for your sharing. I have read your writing and I want add some comments.
    As we know the main function of the blackboard is used to show or write the content of the lesson. Furthermore, Teacher uses the blackboard to play a game such as: clap board, show the pictures which are painted by students. Studens can paint the pictures on the board directly.
    Teacher is also a material in the classroom. In order to convey the information the students. teacher can use body languages, eye contact, sing or dance….for example: Teaching vocabulary about the human body such as: head, lips, nose, eyes, mouth….teacher will express the part of the body and students look at the teacher and they can guess the meaning of the words.
    There are also many others materials which support the teacher in teaching process such as: blackboard, chart, projector, speaker…..

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