Tran Hai Yen – N03. Su Pham phap k31

Knowledge about primary teacher training course

          Up to now, we have learnt 4 lessons of subject “Primary Teacher training course”. This subject as well as our teacher has supported me a lot of knowledge and method of teaching English for young learners

Firstly, we learnt kinds of intelligence such as: linguistic intelligence, physical intelligence, musical intelligence… Through multiple of intelligence, I know more about development process of children as well as of adults, so I will have method of teaching that is appropriate for children’s ability

Secondly, we learnt method of teaching English for young learners through storytelling. During the lesson, our teacher showed sample videos, they were so animated and attractive. This is a very effective method. Storytelling not only helps children to learn more quickly, but also attracts them to learn. After studying this method, I used storytelling to teach some kids at home, and it was so effective, they were easy to remember new words and structure through plots, and English stories not only helps them to learn English , but also makes them to understand more clearly about the world around them

Moreover, teacher taught us method to teach English through game. In my opinion, game makes kids more interested in learning English, because, they are very active and mischievous, and games are suitable for them. Particularly, using game for teaching English for young learners will improve listening skill and speaking skill for children and make them more and more active. Furthermore, I can obtain experiences from classmates, we share own method of teaching each other. Thanks to this course , I know method of teaching English for children and can become a good student in the future


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